S2 Episode 7: The Spirit Of Darkness! Into The Snake Pit!!

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*It had been some time after the European Championship and Tara Vancouver was walking to the Airport to make her way to Japan, she had displayed her power enough, it was time to do what she was ordered to do but something was on her mind.*

Tara: Asha...

*Tara began to remember many of the things that took place before joining the Snake Pit, just like meeting with her sister in the Hospital*

----Flashback Begins----

*It had been a few months prior, during the time of the Dynamite Battle Tour and Tara was at the hospital and she had come to check on her younger sister who was ill with an unknown disease that nobody had ever even heard of*

Tara: Asha? How are you doing, you doing ok?

Asha: Yeah, i've been doing fine. My condition really hasn't gotten that much better though.

*Tara smiled and took a seat next to her sisters hospital bed*

Tara: Well, don't waste your strength for useless movements, you need all the strength you can get. Heard anything from Mom and Dad?

Asha: Just text messages and postcards from them, they're busy on their business trips and everything.

Tara: I see, well they are busy after all, i'm sure they'd want to come and visit you.

*Asha looked away for a moment and she looked rather sad*

Asha: Yeah, i guess..

Tara: I wish there i was something i could do, something that could help you get better quicker. I would love for you to come and see my Beyblade matches.

Asha: How's that been going for you?

*Tara took out her bey and it was a Black, Red and White Prominence Valkyrie combo with an Over Disk, Atomic' Driver and a 0 Armor*

Tara: Me and Valkyrie have been doing better than ever, we just won ourselves a District Tournament recently, wish you could've seen it.

Asha: Yeah, it would've been nice..

*Tara smiled as she placed her bey back in her pocket and she stood up, placing the chair back*

Tara: I have to go for now, i'll check on you again later this evening.

*Tara said her final goodbyes to Asha and she left the hospital room and left the building.*


Tara had went out into the streets of New York and after some time, she eventually runs into a strange man who turned out to be Ashram*

Tara: Umm hello, can i help you?

Alexander: I am Alexander Gliten, i have come to you with a proposal.

Tara: A proposal? What do you mean?

Alexander: Well, i have a Beyblade team in the works and i've watched your battles, you seem like you'd be a pretty good fit for the team.

Tara: A good fit?

Alexander: Now what do you say? Are you interested in joining?

*Tara smiled slightly and moved on away from the strange man*

Tara: Sorry, the offer sounds nice but i'm better off on my own.

*Tara walked away and Alexander Gliten, otherwise known as Ashram, just stared after her*

--Later That Day--

*Tara was now practicing with her Prominence Valkyrie and she had actually challenged a few bladers to a battle royale at the park but as per usual, Tara was wiping the floor with them all*

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