Episode 23: Breakthrough! Devil VS Hero!!

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*The following day had arrived and Bell was supposed to battle Aiga again in a while, but he couldn't help but think about Chiyoh for the time being, something in his gut told him something just wasn't right*

Bell: Something is off with Chiyoh.. something tells me she's up to something.

*Ranzo was also in the room with Bell*

Ranzo: I hate to say it but you might be right, she hasn't really been quite the same since we left the Xhakuenji Dojo.

Bell: I wonder what her deal is, we didn't do anything to her.

Ranzo: Amigo, she's clearly a different person because of you.

Bell: Are you saying it's my fault she's this way?!

Ranzo: I mean, you were kinda the first person she faced upon arriving to Japan, she took a great interest in you for a while yet you ignored her.

Bell: I never ignored her, i just never cared about that sort of thing.

Ranzo: Typical Bell, always thinking about yourself..

Bell: I'm the Demon King for crying out loud! Why would anyone want to look up to me?

Ranzo: She never said anything about that, she thought of you as another Amigo and you just pushed her away.

Bell: Come to think of it.. she has acted differently especially around me...

Ranzo: Yeah you think?! Chiyoh has also acted differently when battling too, if she took so highly after Valt then you'd think she'd also be battling like Valt but no, she's been acting aggressively in her battles!

Bell: ALRIGHT! I get your point, if i ever see her again then i'll talk to her!

*Bell left the room and to his surprise, Chiyoh was waiting outside the doorway*

Bell: Uhhh.. how much of that did you hear?

Chiyoh: I heard enough.

*Chiyoh started to walk away but Bell got in her way*

Bell: Chiyoh! What's going on!? You've been acting very very strange lately. Is it something i did or something?

Chiyoh: I am fine Bell and contrary to what you were just told, no, you didn't do anything.

Bell: Then what is going on with you? You've been acting a lot differently lately!

Chiyoh: I simply just realized what Beyblade is to me, because of you, i've learned how to bring out my full strength in a battle and i'll apply that when i create a bey that's perfect for me.

Bell: What do you mean a Bey that's perfect for you? What about Perseus?

Chiyoh: Perseus is only just the beginning of something new for me, i'll create a bey that lights the way to my true and ultimate destiny!

*Bell could see the deranged look in Chiyohs eyes, her voice was good at hiding it but Bell could see right through it*

Bell: You've completely lost it. I can see through your lies, you're going to create a bey that will destroy all in its way, that's your idea of your own destiny?!

*Chiyoh looked at Bell as her anger started to rise*

Bell: I see through you like glass. I know you've been deceiving me this whole time from the day we met and quite frankly, i really believed you were my friend.

Chiyoh: No, i believed you were my friend! I believed in you, i believed the Demon King was unstoppable and that you were as genuine as any Legendary Blader but time after time again, you proved to me that wasn't true and you never showed signs of changing.

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