Episode 37: A Battle Among Men! Belial VS Raphael!!

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*Everyone was still shocked at the loss of the Legend Of Legends Valt Aoi, Chiyoh Rei stood over him as her aura of darkness continued to burn and swirl around her like a raging flame, a slight smirk grew across her face*

Chiyoh: It's over Valt, you lost. 

*Valt finally got to his feet as he held the pieces of his Ultimate Valkyrie in his hand, he was very distraught by his loss*

Valt: I've done all i can for you, if you really meant what you said then perhaps it's better that way..

*Chiyoh and Valt looked towards the other end of the arena and saw Bell running up towards them*

Chiyoh: This guy again..?!

*Bell stopped in front of the stadium and right in front of Valt and held up his Divine Belial to Chiyoh, wanting to battle her desperately*

Bell: Chiyoh! You want to have a battle, i'll show you a battle! If Valt can't defeat you then i will!!

*Chiyohs eyes began to glow with a horrifying glow, making Bell flinch and take a step back*

Chiyoh: Every time you try, you will lose to me.. if we were to battle now, i would make sure NOTHING will be left of Belial when i'm done with it!

*Bell took another step back and fell on his rear as Chiyoh turned and walked away but Bell was relentless*

Bell: Get back here! I'm not done talking to you! I said get back here!!

*Valt placed a hand on Bell's shoulder*

Valt: The battle's over, there's no point in trying to debate it now.

*Valt turned and walked away as Bell stared after him worriedly*

Bell: Valt..


*Valt sat alone on the top of the Beigoma Academy roof where he used to train with all his friends back in the day and he thought about what Chiyoh had said before*

"..Now you no longer serve any purpose to me anymore, battling against you is pointless!"

*Valt's mind rested on those words and he clenched his Ultimate Valkyrie tightly, he made a mistake challenging Chiyoh. Not only did he lose to her BADLY but there was no way he could actually make it back from a loss as devastating as this*

Valt: Valkyrie.. i know we've been in tight spots before but this time.. i don't know what i should do, Wakiya was right, Chiyoh is too far gone to be brought back.

*Eventually, Valt heard footsteps and when he looked up, he saw Shu Kurenai standing over him*

Valt: Shu..

*Shu just looked at Valt with a small frown, he could tell Valt was not happy at all.*

Shu: I'm sorry it didn't work out in the battle, but you have to face facts: Chiyoh is just too strong for any of us.

Valt: I thought i could change her, bring her back.. but i was wrong.

*Shu sat down and he looked at his Astral Spriggan*

Shu: Me and her are in the same block for the Beyblade Ultimate World Series, if me and her make it to the Semi-Finals then i'll be sure to crush her for you.

Valt: Shu..

*Shu could see it, Chiyoh reminded him too much of how Lane Valhalla used to be, even Phi and... himself even.*

Shu: Chiyoh will continue to embrace the darkness the more she wins and the more she wins, the more stronger she's going to become.

Valt: I know, it's unfortunate to see her fall this way. I wish it didn't have to be like this, things could've been better.

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