Episode 15: Explosive Sword! Xiphoid Xcalibur!!

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It had been some time after Bell had been crushed by Xhaka's overwhelming strength of Xiphoid Xcalibur that he knew that he had another blader in his way of becoming the Ultimate Demon King.

Bell: That monster defeated Belial in one single strike, Belial has never been beaten in such a way before. I'll show that Xhaka, the Demon King never gives up!

*Bell was completely lost in his train of thought that he didn't notice Ranzo and Rashad standing at the doorway*

Ranzo: Should we talk to him?

Rashad: His loss to Xhaka was devastating from what i heard, it's best to let him get himself together and gather his thoughts.

Ranzo: Still, if he lost that bad then he obviously needs a bit of guidance.

Rashad: He's got Belial by his side for that, if he needs guidance then he already has someone to turn to.

*Rashad turned and walked away and Ranzo reluctantly followed*

Ranzo: Don't you think we're being a bit harsh to Bell?

Rashad: A little but that is often the reality of blading, he needs to learn how to depend on his own bey for guidance because only it knows the solution. Your loyalty to Bell is admirable but he needs to figure this out on his own, besides we don't know how strong Xhaka truly is.

Ranzo: I guess you're right..

---The Next Day---

*Xhaka had gathered all the new gen bladers to the train station, including Valt and Chiyoh*

Bell: So where are you taking us?

Xhaka: To where i normally train of course, the Xhakuenji Dojo!

Ranzo: The Xhakuenji Dojo?

Valt: Me, Shu and many other of our good friends had taken on Xhaka and his team up at the Xhakuenji Dojo in a team battle.

Xhaka: Yugo and Ukyo have all moved on to bigger blading teams but they are welcomed back, unfortunately they aren't there today. However, we'll have the Dojo to ourselves.

Bell: I can't wait to kick your butt when we get up there!

*The bladers got on the train and the train took them across Japan, Bell could not stop thinking about how badly he got creamed by Xhaka*

Bell: Xiphoid Xcalibur.. All of its attack power gets focused into one singular point and uses it to deal a devastating attack to crush the opponent.. just how strong is that bey? There is something else about that Bey that's not right either..


So you saw it too huh?

*Bell was immediately pulled into the avatar world and Belial was standing in front of him, Bell crossed his arms before Belial who was right in Bells face*

Belial: Xcalibur has a ton of attack power that gets channeled into a single point: The Sword. Bell, we don't have the kind of defensive power to combat that level of power!

Bell: That's where you're wrong Belial! F-Gear!!

*Bell held up the old F-Gear that he originally scrapped, Belial didn't really look impressed.*

Belial: Mixing the old with the new are we? Bell, even with F-Gear we won't be able to take everything Xcalibur has, plus there is something about it that we don't about yet.

Bell: We're obviously going to figure it out, we did with Dragon.

Belial: Let another Blader go first when we get to the Dojo, doesn't matter who it is. We need to know what Xcaliburs secret is.

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