Episode 20: Ultimate Super Z! Zest Achilles!!

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*It was the following day and Bell and Aigas showdown would be later that day, Bell stood alone in a training room as the words of Gigi filled his mind*

"I hope so.. because for a Demon King, you aren't much to look at.."

*The words got to Bell very quick and he was furious at the new blader already and he barely knew him*

Bell: That guy.. i'll show him!

*Ranzo and Basara watched him from the doorway, they were really worried about him as he had been acting strange the entire day*

Basara: Gigi Ishikawa huh?

Ranzo: I think he's that new guy that enlisted for the tournament!

*Rashad came up from behind them and pulled them aside*


Basara: Rashad.. what's going on?

Ranzo: Yeah, what's up?

Rashad: It's about Gigi.

Basara: What's wrong? Did he do something?

Rashad: Gigi is a.. interesting blader for a lack of better words. He has an ability that's nearly supernatural but not entirely farfetched either.

Ranzo: What is it?

Rashad: Gigi has the capability to look moments ahead into the future, he does this by observing bladers launch styles, special moves and even their idle body positions. He's a genius. 

Basara: A mind reader?

Rashad: Pretty much! I don't him personally but i've watched unseen footage of one of his battles, his bey is a Balance Type called Arrow Griffin. He doesn't seem like much on the outside but he truly is a dangerous opponent, Bell and the rest of us need to advise caution.

Ranzo: Like we are with Chiyoh?

Rashad: She's a different case.. she's now willingly falling to the dark side and quite honestly, there's nothing more i can do at this point. She's Valts responsibility now.

Basara: What makes Gigi dangerous? I don't get it. Chiyoh is one thing but Gigi? I'm confused.

Rashad: Gigi has also been known to be a little.. extreme in his battles. There have been some where he's shattered a bey or two. Whether or not it's intentional, i don't know.

Ranzo: Maybe we should keep an eye on him, maybe his actions when he does battle will reveal his intentions?

*Rashad looked at the 2 bladers with a defeated expression*

Rashad: I already told you.. Gigi can be rather extreme in his battles. His style of battle is very reckless and at times... destructive. It's best to observe from afar like we always have, we'll learn best that way.


*Chiyoh stood alone in a training room by herself and she stared down at Perseus and finally noticed the crack that it had sustained from Xcaliburs Ultimate Impact a while back*

Chiyoh: Perseus..

*The crack in Perseus had also grown a bit since the battle with Belial in the Opening Ceremony Battle. Perseus had been pushed a little too hard*

Chiyoh: It's fine. Nothing we can't handle.

*Chiyoh began her training but didn't notice Valt standing in the doorway with a worried but also a "not surprised" look on his face. If his theory was correct, the next time Chiyoh and Bell battled, Chiyoh would be suffering a crushing defeat*

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