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Being a Maid at the Murasaki Household by RaliugaNire
Being a Maid at the Murasaki RaliugaNire
I've been into Beyblade Burst recently. And originally, I absolutely hated Wakiya. But then he had those character reveals and changes AND NOW HES GREAT. LOVE HIM
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the best blader scenarios (beyblade Burst)  by DarkDaigo
the best blader scenarios ( shizuo is husbando
the best bladers are basically the big five plus shu valt and zac
  • zac
  • renwusun
  • valt
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Beyblade Burst | Evolution X Reader Oneshots by XpegasuspeachesX
Beyblade Burst | Evolution X XpegasuspeachesX
Yeah-First book that I made. I literally read so many but never made one. So, feel free to make requests QvQ (( no lemons please :) )) and yes, i maybe be slow to update
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Beyblade Burst x Reader ONESHOTS! by Corrupted_Divinity
Beyblade Burst x Reader ONESHOTS!by Corrupted_Divinity
When your bae isn't real, and you start crying.... Welcome to the reality, kid. The people that you like probably don't exist at all....but we got books.... That contain...
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Beyblade Metal Fusion! Season 1 by Ssgdecarus15
Beyblade Metal Fusion! Season 1by Ssgdecarus15
This is my childhood memories of The History of Beyblade of Season 1,2 and 3, you feel me.
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The Dragon Empress by MandMS4311
The Dragon Empressby MandMs
(This story is under editing again) Your name is Madeline, you stumble into Metal City, your past still clings to you. When you see him, Ryuga, you had missed seeing him...
  • ryugakishatu
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Greetings from Metal Bey City by miss_circle
Greetings from Metal Bey Cityby Syahrina Hanif
{A Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G fanfic} Haruna never dreamed of becoming the Number One Blader---she doesn't even know what a Blader is. Yet somehow she finds herself in...
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Similar by Bimsha
Similarby Kurenai Tsu
Maybe it was his destiny to become a hero for an unknown world. Maybe it's his faith led him there. But however here he is stuck in a world called Nebula with his new fo...
  • secrets
  • xander
  • shirasagilui
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The Human Beyblade? Beyblade burst x reader by Aerynwolf7
The Human Beyblade? Beyblade quincy lell
Before Valt enters the Tournament, his beyblade Valtryek turns into a human girl? Introduced to each of the Beyclub's members as it grows she captures the heart of many...
  • zacthesunshine
  • rideout
  • lui
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Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenarios by LuckyValt
Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenariosby 蒼井バルト
My friends are gonna hate me for this but imma do it anyways. So yeah the characters I'm going to do are: Valt Aoi Shu Kurenai Rantaro Kiyama Daina Kurogami Kensuke Mi...
  • love
  • lui
  • rantaro
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Beyblade burst random scenarios  by burstlover
Beyblade burst random scenarios by One eyed ghoul
just lame stuffs 😁#2 in stuffs Oh crap! please don't care if its bad. But please give it a read and a vote.
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  • lui
  • toko
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A Start of a New Beginning! Beyblade Burst x Reader by LuckyValt
A Start of a New Beginning! 蒼井バルト
(Cover art was made by 宙の白丸 on pixiv) A Beyblade was given to a young boy named Aoi Valt, as a birthday present. Never in a million years would he have thought that this...
  • kimidoriquon
  • zacthesunshine
  • xreader
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Beyblade Burst X Reader by daigokenwakiya
Beyblade Burst X Readerby daigokenwakiya
There are so many of these stories and I really enjoy reading them, so I figured why not write one of my own? I DO NOT OWN BEYBLADE BURST OR THE CHARACTERS!!! I don't f...
  • freedelahoya
  • xreader
  • wakiyamurasaki
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Beyblade Burst {Boyfriend x Reader} by Avanni_Cinders
Beyblade Burst {Boyfriend x Reader}by Avanni Cinders
A collection of Beyblade Burst boyfriend scenarios Oneshots Imagines Scenarios Requests are closed, check out my new BBB oneshots story where I'll be finishing any out s...
  • rentaro
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The OP Ripper and Crossover by Lexluthor6
The OP Ripper and Crossoverby Owen Huffer
You always wanted to be a huntsman but your family has prevented you from becoming one they even went as far as to homeschool you instead of sending you to combat school...
  • crossover
  • senrankagura
  • berserker
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Gʅαʂʂყ Sƙყ | My OCs by DarkRose--Chan
Gʅαʂʂყ Sƙყ | My OCsby ᴿᵃⁿᵈ ᵀᵃˡⁱʰ
{Cover by me} An endless domain where all the children of mind are gathered. Meet different fan-made characters scattered in multiple realms and fandoms around the anime...
  • phoenixwrightaceattorney
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  • miraculousladybug
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Never Give Up On You {sequel to Forever Bound to one another } by Bimsha
Never Give Up On You {sequel to Kurenai Tsu
Shu and Tsu the Kurenai twins go to Raging Bulls with many hopes. But it's not the place they think it is. after overcoming through many difficulties in both Raging Bull...
  • shu
  • bond
  • beyblade
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Beyblade Burst/Turbo x reader one shots! (Requests are closed) by navelover
Beyblade Burst/Turbo x reader leeann Fang
Requests are closed Like the tittle says. You can make a request lintel I say so. I can add your ocs if you want. You can now request people from Turbo now.
  • shu
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FUNNY Beyblade burst/god/chouzetsu images and comics by Electro_Hearts213
FUNNY Beyblade burst/god/ Electro Hearts
WARNING: BAD ENGLISH. (Not my art, all works belong tho their owners) This book is made for fun and not to hurt people!
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  • funny
MeMeS by My_Broken_Memories
MeMeSby Ramen Addict
Mostly beyblade but ok
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