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Pen Your Pride


Shu Kurenai x reader by kaneli_kurenai
Shu Kurenai x readerby kaneli kurenai
First Shu Kuernai x reader!!!!! Y/n is the first ever girl beyblader. She goes to Tokyo with her brother to live with her adoptive parents. She wanted to be alone, but...
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Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenarios by blueboyvalt
Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenariosby blueboyvalt
My friends are gonna hate me for this but imma do it anyways. So yeah the characters I'm going to do are: Valt Aoi Shu Kurenai Rantaro Kiyama Daina Kurogami Kensuke Mi...
  • kensuke
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Our Journey! Beyblade Burst x Reader by blueboyvalt
Our Journey! Beyblade Burst x blueboyvalt
Join a young boy named Aoi Valt through his journey to be the best Beyblader around! Oh! But don't forget his humanoid Beyblade (L/n) (Y/n)! These two could accomplish t...
  • dianakurogami
  • kimidoriquon
  • ibukiukyo
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Beyblade Burst x Reader OneShots by blueboyvalt
Beyblade Burst x Reader OneShotsby blueboyvalt
This will have lots of themes into it. For example some of the chapters themes are going to be sad, happy, funny (i mean if i can), intense or anything else. You might...
  • zacthesunshine
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A Soft Spot For You [ON HOLD] by KikyoTsukimori
A Soft Spot For You [ON HOLD]by ✎【桔梗 ♡ Kikyo】✎
❗️Kinda going through writer's block, so this story will be on hold for a little while❗️ ✨Alice transfers to a new school along with her best friend, Mira. She is a very...
  • shirasagijolui
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Can I be happy? (Free x depressing reader) by Yandere_ShadowChan
Can I be happy? (Free x Shadow~Chan
Being happy used to be easy. I had friends who cared about me and we took this world by storm at a young age.... But there is always that one person that makes my life a...
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random Beyblade Stuff by CraigTheGayFuck
random Beyblade Stuffby im wet in my panties
just junk
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Bullies! Beyblade Burst/God x Bullied! Reader by blueboyvalt
Bullies! Beyblade Burst/God x blueboyvalt
(Y/n) had a very simple life. An average family including a mom, dad, and two brothers. She had very good friends that really liked her as a person. However, when her pa...
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BBOC 2: THE SEQUEL-DEQUELby Free’s Sibling
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Beyblade Metal Series (you are a character and this is your POV) by RaliugaNire
Beyblade Metal Series (you are a RaliugaNire
First story. Yay. So basically you are a character and while some things change from the show to this story, the basic plot and characters stay the same. Yep. So its all...
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The Sinister // Beyblade Burst by Splendid_Grace
The Sinister // Beyblade Burstby VICTUURI
"Hey Guys! I found this new game."Valt said, sending a link to this new game he found on the web. "What's that?"Wakiya asked, clicking the link that...
  • beyclub
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  • daigo
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Shu Kurenai x reader ~_~ by mia05adelia
Shu Kurenai x reader ~_~by Mia Adelia
Meeting him, I don't know what is that feeling. Love? Of Course I don't know about it too. But, when we meet, especially eye to eye, there is something that I can't get...
  • shukurenai
  • shu
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Beyblade Burst x Reader oneshots by BeybladeBurstGirl12
Beyblade Burst x Reader oneshotsby Angel Kurogami
random one shots about: valt Ken Shu daigo wakiya free Silas kuza ukyo quon That's basically it!!unless you want to request other people!!except jin and gou.
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Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Scenarios Part 1 by FreeDeLaHoyasBae
Beyblade Burst Boyfriend Chibi Free De La Hoya
i'll be doing -valt -shu -ken -daigo -wakiya -free -silas *cause their my favorite characters!*
  • beyblade
I Want To Be Strong Just Like You No Wait To Be Stronger (Free X Reader X Shu ) by Zarauchiha
I Want To Be Strong Just Like Zarauchiha
(The cover story is not mine I don't own it) Hi this is my very first story I always wanted to write my own fanfiction but never had the courage until now plz go easy an...
  • delahoya
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Beyblade burst random thoughts  by Rei_Murasaki
Beyblade burst random thoughts by Xandy is my puddin~
I don't own Beyblade burst because if I did everyone would be gay
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Random stuff by PokeBlader69
Random stuffby Stormy Kurogami
Just Random
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|Oneshots| Beyblade Burst [+Evolution] by EeveelutionUmbreon
|Oneshots| Beyblade Burst [ SansiMora Syphera
Yeet idk what I'm doing. ON HOLD [Updated once a week temporarily] [Requests Open] Probably will consist of Shualt KumiWaki I'll ship anything tbh lmao I'll do _ x read...
  • kumiwaki
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J2 and Quin reacting to Beyblade Burst and Evolution Pics [+ Randomness] by j2music
J2 and Quin reacting to Beyblade JJQ
J2:Ok! So here,me and my cuzin,Quin, Quin:Hi! J2:Are going to react to some pics! Quin:And ya can send some pics to us if ya want us to react to it!*pops cigarette in he...
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beyblade burst! by The_Beyblade_KING
beyblade burst!by I'm Aik Tategmai
The whole Beyblade crew is gay
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