S2 Episode 2: A Rival's Return! Amigo!!

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*It was the following day and Bell had woken up the next morning to go into the Theater Of Hell and he couldn't believe what he saw when he got there, his friend Ranzo Kiyama was standing down at the stadium*

Ranzo: Oi Amigo!!

Bell: Ranzo?!

Ranzo: It's been a little while Amigo but i've finally returned!

Bell: I thought you said you would be gone longer than that!

Ranzo: I did but i decided to come back early, besides it's been a little while since we last battled!

*Ranzo held up his Cyclone Ragnaruk and it began to glow with a bright orange aura, Bell could actually feel that Ranzo had gotten a lot stronger*

Bell: Alright then! If you want to lose again then prepare yourself for defeat, the Demon King will show you no mercy!

*The bladers got set up at the stadium and Bell held up his Divine Belial and it started to glow once again*

Bell: I hope you're ready, because i'm not going to show any mercy!

Ranzo: His Belial has underwent another evolution.. I wonder what it can do now..

*The Demon King Drone came flying in and it hovered above the BeyStadium*

Drone: 1st Battle!!

*The bladers took their positions and the battle between the 2 finally began*

Drone: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Cyclone Ragnaruk charged towards the center at full speed as Divine Belial raced around the stadium*

Bell: Now go! Adventure Shoot!!

*Belial came charging in for the attack and slams into Ragnaruk with all its strength but its attack barely affected it at all*

Ranzo: That's not going to work on us this time!!

*Belial kept on attacking but Ragnaruk wasn't budging at all from the attacks and surprisingly enough, it wasn't losing stamina at all*

Bell: I get it now, Ranzo's launch power must've increased and that's what must be keeping Ragnaruk lasting even longer than usual!

*Ragnaruk had taken the center once again and Belial was coming back around for the strike*

Bell: Hit it again! Divine Bomber!!

*Belial clashes with Ragnaruk with full force and was finally able to knock it back but it was to no avail as Ragnaruk landed on the other side of the stadium and survived*

Bell: W-What the?!

Ranzo: I hope you weren't planning on going for a burst in this battle, Ragnaruk has gotten much stronger than ever before!

Bell: I'll admit you've gotten stronger but you'll never defeat Belial's Perfect Gear!!

Ranzo: We'll see about that!!

*Belial and Ragnaruk clash in the center with all their might as sparks began to fly from the intense clash and Belial was knocked back*

Bell: Belial!!

Bell: Belial!!

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