Episode 28: Showdown! Bell VS Chiyoh!!

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*The tension in the arena was getting extremely thick as the bladers were getting more and more intense with each passing moment, Chiyohs aura began to glow brightly as she held her bey in her hand*

Chiyoh: Perseus.. it won't matter how much damage you've sustained, it'll all be for nothing if we lose this battle now.

*Bell just started to laugh as he held up his Perfect Gear Divine Belial*

Bell: I have to give you props for even thinking about fighting me with a damaged bey but the fact you'd be willing to go through all of that just proves how desperate you are!

*Chiyoh stared at the Demon King furiously, her rage was burning as she clenched her bey tightly*


Valt: Looks like they're tied..

Rashad: But i wonder who exactly is going to win, with Perseus begin in the condition that it's in, Bell likely has this in the bag.

Valt: Maybe but it's still early to determine..


Bell: The Demon King will show no mercy even against you, i hope you are ready because this next battle is gonna get heated quick!

Chiyoh: If you aren't showing any mercy then neither am i, i will win against you in this battle Bell, i'd rather die than take another L against you again!!

*Their auras began to glow brightly as looks of determination covered their faces, neither one was willing to take the L on this battle*

Referee: 3rd Battle!!!

*The bladers took their positions as their auras glowed brightly, without further ado, the 3rd battle had finally began*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Chiyoh's next launch was so intense and rough that the force of the pull shattered the entire launcher, leaving only the launcher grip - The beys had landed in the stadium and Savior Perseus was racing around the stadium with intense speed as Divine Belial was in its sights*

Chiyoh: Now get in there and attack!!

Bell: Not so fast!!

*Belial speeds ahead and avoids Perseus's attack but it wasn't giving up so easily as still gave chase*

Chiyoh: Can't run from me Demon King! Take to the skies Perseus!!

*Perseus launches itself into the air using its Shot Driver and dove straight for Belial*

Bell: Not if i have anything to say about it! Do it Belial!!

*Belial clashes with Perseus as it lands on top of it and Perseus was sent flying back*

Bell: That's all you can do? How pathetic!!

*Chiyoh grinned with a psychotic expression as her aura began to glow*

Chiyoh: Oh no, this battle is just getting started..!

*Perseus hits the wall and survives the attack and heads to the center to meet Belial's next attack*

Chiyoh: Now go!!!

Bell: Adventure Shoot now!!

*Belial and Perseus clash in the center with back and forth clashes but things were different, Perseus's attacks weren't even doing a thing to Belial*


Rashad: Something isn't right! Belial isn't taking any damage from Perseus!

Valt: What's wrong?

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