Episode 33: The Demon King VS The Queen Of Light! A Battle For Dominance!!

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*The 2 bladers continued to stare each other down as their auras glowed, Chiyoh still remembered the day her Savior Perseus was destroyed by the blader standing in front of her*

Chiyoh: I will take my revenge for what you did to me that day, i will not be holding anything back in this battle. Belial will be destroyed and you will feel the exact pain i went through that day!

Bell: Again, trash talk won't save you! If you really want to win against me then get even stronger because Belial with the Ultimate Gear Evolution is too much for Cassiel to handle!

Chiyoh: Your new evolution means nothing! How can you say Belial is the Ultimate Bey if you can't even break Cassiels Defenses?!

Referee: Alright! 1st Battle!!

*The 2 bladers took their positions and the battle began*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Cassiel circled around the stadium around the Center Hole as Belial came charging in for the attack*

Bell: Now go!!!

*Belial clashes with Cassiel with all its strength and fires off a barrage of attacks upon it but the shields in Cassiel had extended so dealing damage wasn't going to be easy*

Chiyoh: That's not going to work on us! Royal Crown!!

*One of Cassiels smaller spikes pierces through Belial's layer and knocks it back with a devastating attack and Cassiel kept on going, completely unaffected*

Bell: Tch..!


*Valt watched from afar and was watching how Cassiel performed in the stadium*

Valt: Cassiel doesn't just specialize in Defense but it has great attack power too.. this bey really is something..


Chiyoh: What's the matter? That's not all you got, is it?!

*Belial had recovered and its new H-Gear was slicing through the air, increasing mobility even more and Belial was starting to pick up speed*

Bell: We're not done! Adventure Shoot!!

*Belial came charging back in and started to attack Cassiel with relentless but powerful blows and each one was pushing Cassiel closer to falling into the Low Stage

Chiyoh: Cassiel!!

Bell: Do it! A-Gear, strike it down!!

*Belial clashes with Cassiel with a powerful attack and its A-Gear knocks Cassiel into the air and it flew out of the stadium, ending the battle!!*

Chiyoh: W-What?!

Referee: Divine Belial with an Over Finish! Bell Daikokuten earns 1 point!!

*The crowds burst into cheers as Bell held his Belial high into the air and smiled at Chiyoh*

Bell: How'd you like that?! The Demon King wins once again!

Chiyoh: Don't get ahead of yourself, this battle isn't over yet!

Bell: It is for you, the Demon King never fails!!

*Bells aura of darkness began to glow bright as he was nearing his Ultimate Demon King form, Chiyoh stared at the Demon King with a furious glare*

Chiyoh: His arrogance will be his downfall, he will soon realize the true power of the Queen Of Light!

*Chiyoh looked down at her Royal Cassiel as it started to glow with a bright purple energy, Chiyohs aura began to glow as well*

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