Episode 6: Explosion! Bomber And Hero!!

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*It had been some time after Chiyoh had joined the Gates Of Hell and in a way or another, she fit right in with the group. She had continued to get a lot stronger as her bond with Perseus was getting more and more stronger*

Chiyoh: It's only been a few days and i already feel like i fit in with everyone else..

*Chiyoh watched from the side as she watched Bell and Ranzo duke it out in another intense battle, Chiyoh couldn't really help but smile*

Chiyoh: Bell has really helped me understand my way of blading a lot more, i feel like me and Perseus can reach new heights now. But still, i can't help but feel guilty about destroying Raphael.. hopefully Rashad isn't upset with me.

*Chiyoh clutched her bey tightly and it began to glow again*

Chiyoh: Perseus.. 

*A Small sparkle emits from the core and Chiyoh smiled as she looked up at the stadium where Bell and Ranzo continued to train*

Chiyoh: With every passing moment, Perseus is getting stronger with some weird and strange power..

*Chiyoh remembered the moment when Perseus shined with a gold light before shattering Raphael, she was still confused on what it could've been*

Chiyoh: I don't think anyone has an answer for what happened to Perseus that day.. For now, i should wait and see what happens next.

*Chiyoh continued to watch as the training between Bell and Ranzo was going down*

---Later that day---

*Bell was all alone in the Gates Of Hell, Basara and Ranzo had went home for the day and now, it was time to pack it in for the night*

Bell: Ah, that was a lot of fun.. completely trashing Ranzo again and again, and i'll wake up to do it all again tomorrow.

*Bell went off to bed but he didn't notice Chiyoh watching him from the doorway.*

Chiyoh: Bell has a special bond with his friends, i wish i had that special bond with friends of my own..

*Chiyoh turned and walked away from the mansion and went to find her a place to sleep, she couldn't help but think about how Bell had completely changed the way she would view Beyblade forever*


*It was late at the Midorikawa House and Kensuke was working hard on his new and improved Kerbeus as it would be evolved to the Dynamite Battle Layer System. Kensuke had only begun as he was working on the core*

Kensuke: It'll take some time but sooner or later, i'll challenge Valt Aoi with this new Kerbeus.. and it'll be the best bey the world has ever seen.

*Kensuke's green aura began to glow as an added silver highlight was added along to it, the 3 headed dog of the underworld, Cerberus was looming over him with a low growl. Kensuke's eyes began to glow as the new Kerbeus was slowly nearing completion*


*It was the next day and Bell was just as confident as ever, he stood at the stadium as he waited for his first challenger for the day. It was only a few minutes later when Chiyoh had walked into the Theater Of Hell*

Bell: So you're here..

*Chiyoh just looked at Bell and her green eyes began to glow*

Chiyoh: I want to see once and for all, how strong you and Belial really are.

*Bell stared at the girl as he was already getting frustrated*

Bell: Still testing my strength are we? In that case, i'll show you the true power of the Demon King! You'll cower in fear from my might!!

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