Episode 16: Aligned Point! Ultimate Impact!!

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*The group had returned to the Dojo the very next day and Xhaka was already waiting for them, Bell and the others reached the top of the stairs and Bell stood on Ranzo's shoulders to make himself taller*

Xhaka: So you came back, let's see what kind of power you bring to the table today!

Bell: I'm more interested to see what kind of power you'll bring to the table, i've spent all night training!

*Xhaka laughed as Bell jumped down from Ranzos shoulders, Xhaka lead the group inside the Dojo and stood in front of the stadium*

Xhaka: So which one of you will be my opponent for today?

*Chiyoh stood up to the stadium without hesitation, she looked up at Xhaka as her eyes began to glow as per usual*

Chiyoh: Xhaka, i'll be the one that takes you on and i'll be the one that crushes you!

Xhaka: In that case, i expect to see quite the performance from you.

*The rest of the group watched from the side and Valt laid his eyes on Chiyoh, who looked down at Perseus with a small smile*

Chiyoh: Perseus.. we're not going to lose to Xhaka, we won against Ken and now we'll do the same against Xhaka..!

*Xhaka just looked at Chiyoh and his aura began to faintly glow, a small smile growing across his face*

Xhaka: If you think you have this in the bag then stop thinking that, i hate to be the one to say it but Perseus will have no chance against my Xcalibur.

Chiyoh: You think you're so tough? I'll humble you with a burst finish!

*Xhakas toothy and frightening smile shook the soul out of Chiyoh's body*

Xhaka: A Burst you say? In that case, i would love to see you try!

*Basara stepped up to the stadium to ref the battle*

Basara: Alright, 1st Battle!

*The bladers took their positions and both bladers started to concoct plans in their head*

Chiyoh: Xhaka gave a great performance of Xcaliburs abilities yesterday, with that, i now know everything there is to know about Xiphoid Xcalibur, this battle is as good as mine!

Xhaka: Savior Perseus.. there's nothing really special about that bey aside from its decent enough weight and its attack power but other than that, Xcalibur exceeds everything that it can do.. I'm sorry Chiyoh, but this battle is already over.

Basara: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Savior Perseus and Xiphoid Xcalibur raced around the stadium at full speed*

Chiyoh: Now go! Get in there!!

*Perseus chased after Xcalibur and slammed into it from behind and knocked it into the wall, causing it to lose a click*


Rashad: Looks like she's already going on the offensive and trying to draw out Xcaliburs power!

Valt: Figured she'd do that.

Bell: I could've totally burst Xcalibur with an attack like that.


Xhaka: Xiphoid Impact!!

*The sword tip on Xcalibur glowed with a gold light and it slashed across Perseus and knocked it back into the air*

Chiyoh: Perseus!!

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