Episode 22: Offense And Defense! A-Gear!!

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*It was the next day and Bell was hard at work trying to master the A-Gear but battling the same opponents over and over again wasn't really doing him any favors*

Bell: It's no use.. i could battle these guy all day long but i need a real challenge, someone who can make me bring out the capabilities of my new Upgrade!

*Bell had been battling Ranzo and Basara all day but Bell felt no progress facing off with them so he stormed out to find more interesting opponents.*

Bell: I got to find a blader who can give me a challenge!

*His demands were immediately met as he found a blader he hadn't seen in a while, it was Lui Shirasagijo*

Bell: Hey, i remember you..

*Lui just smiled as he stepped forward to Bell*

Lui: It's been some time since we last battled, and quite frankly i've been looking for you. I've been wanting to have a rematch with you for quite some time now.

Bell: Is that so? Well in that case, i'll give you what you want and i'll crush you just like i did before, especially with this new Divine Belial!!

*Lui was a little surprised, this was the first time he had ever seen Bell's new bey*

Lui: Looks like the rumors were true, Belial has indeed evolved..

Bell: Hope you aren't scared, me and the newly evolved Belial will send your Guilty Longinus into the abyss!!

*Lui burst out laughing as he stared down at the Demon King with a smile*

Lui: Don't be so serious, i've gotten so much more stronger in the time that we've been apart! I will show you what true power is!

*The 2 bladers found a stadium and Lui held up his Guilty Longinus which began to glow with a purple aura as Bell held up his Divine Belial which had its A-Gear in a 6-Bladed Defense Mode*

Bell: We'll start out on the defensive first and see what Longinus is truly capable of..

Lui: Let's not delay Demon King, let's begin!

*The bladers got into position and the battle started right then*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The 2 beys were off and the 2 beys raced around the stadium and right off the bat, Longinus was coming in hot!*

Bell: Endure it Belial!!

Lui: Crush it!!

*Longinus clashes with Belial but the A-Gear managed to help defend against the attack*

Lui: W-What?!

Bell: How'd you like that?!

*Belial came back around and it was coming straight for Longinus*

Lui: Interesting.. so you have a few more tricks up your sleeve. Longinus now!!

*Longinus dodges Belials attack and it circled around the center and began to build up some major speed*

Bell: Go for it! Adventure Shoot!!

*Belial came rushing in but misses and slams into the wall*

Lui: Don't tell me that's all you got right?

Bell: We're fine, we're just getting warmed up!!

*Longinus was picking up speed and it was coming back in for the next blow*

Lui: Shatter them with Guilty Upper, end this!!

*Longinus clashes with Belial and burst it right there, Bell was shocked at how quickly and easily he just got beat*

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