S2 Episode 12: The Shadow Approaches! Zero Theseus!!

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*Bell was still shocked at how strong Tara was and her Theseus was still in the center of the stadium as the pieces of Belial surrounded it*

Bell: That's... incredible..!


*Valt and Shu were just as surprised as everyone else was*

Valt: She was able to beat Bell in just one strike, that's incredible..!

Shu: I guess that goes to show what the Snake Pit has done to her..

Valt: Huh..?


Ranzo: Bell, i think this battle is over..!

*Bell was still in shock as Tara picked up her bey and started to leave*

Bell: Hey! This battle isn't over yet!

Tara: No, you've proven to be a waste of time..

*At that moment, Tara felt a wave of horror come over her and she looked down at her Theseus as it was glowing a silver and purple aura*

Tara: Theseus.. you still want to battle him?


*Theseus began to shine so bright that it blinded Tara and when her sight returned, she was in a Black Dreamscape and in front of her was her beys avatar: Theseus*

Theseus: Belial still has some light that needs to be erased!

*Tara looked up at her beys avatar confused, what did it mean "Light that needs to be erased"?*

Tara: What?

Theseus: You said you wanted to be the perfect blader in the world and overcome anything, is that correct?

Tara: Yeah, that is right.

*Theseus's eyes began to glow brightly as its rather demonic voice began to raise in tone*

Theseus: Then i suggest you get to it and drain that beys light!

*Tara's eyes widened in shock as the Dreamscape began to fade away*


*Tara turned back towards Bell and she held up her bey once again*

Tara: We can go again..

Bell: Ha! Exactly what i thought, now let's begin the next battle!

*The 2 bladers got set up at the stadium and Tara stared at Bell, her eyes glowing faintly*

Tara: I don't know why, but this guy reminds me so much of her..

*Tara's mind immediately wandered to her little sister who was still sick in the hospital*


*Tara and Asha were in the park alone battling at one of the stadiums there and so far, Tara was winning everything! She smiled as she picked up her Prominence Valkyrie*

Asha: Aww.. you always win everything..! How did you get so strong?!

Tara: Because i am strong because i worked for it, being powerful doesn't just come naturally, you have to work hard in order to become the best you can be.

*Asha looked down at her bey which was a generic First Uranus.Unite.2D and she held up her launcher to go at it once again*

Asha: One more time!

*Tara just smiled and she took her position as well and the battle between the sisters continued*

---Flashback Ends---

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