Episode 24: Winged Beast! Arrow Griffin!!

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*It was a day later and the next announcement for the High Stage Section 2 was about to begin and Announcer Hanami was now on stage*

Hanami: Ok beyfans! It's time for the 2nd and last section of the High Stage, Bell is now our High Stage Champion upon his victory over Aiga Akaba and we've selected a new blader that has risen though the ranks to take on the challenging bladers here at the High Stage!!

*The blader appeared next to Hanami and it was Gigi Ishikawa*

Hanami: Please give a warm welcome to The Winged Beast! Gigi Ishikawa!!

*The crowd cheered loudly as Gigi gave a small smile, Bell was in the audience seething at the new blader. He didn't forget how easily that guy had defeated him the day before*

Bell: That guy.. i'll crush him for sure the next time we battle!


*Gigi held up his bey Arrow Griffin and his voice boomed throughout the arena*

Gigi: It won't matter who i face, any and all bladers who face Arrow Griffin will never see the light of day again!!

Hanami: And there you have it folks! Gigi has declared invincibility upon all the bladers of the High Stage and the world as we know it!

*Gigi just smiled as he held his bey in his hand, the bey glowing a green and black aura*

Hanami: The 4 bladers who will take on Gigi and his Arrow Griffin are the following: Rashad Goodman, Chiyoh Rei, Kensuke Midorikawa and Ranzo Kiyama!!

Rashad: This ought to be interesting..

*Chiyoh just stood silently*

Kensuke: Gigi Ishikawa.. i wonder what he can do. His Arrow Griffin is said to be no laughing matter..

Ranzo: This guy seems to be mighty strong.. his Bey is a Balance Type after all so there has to be more to it than meets the eye..


*Bell was absolutely not having it as he wasn't chosen for the battles*

Bell: Oh come on! That's not fair! I wanna battle too, let me at him!!


*The 4 bladers appeared on the overhead screen and the 4 bladers appeared behind Hanami and at that moment, Gigi turned towards the 4 bladers and he pointed his finger at his first supposed victim: Kensuke*

Gigi: The hound will be the first devoured by Griffin!

Hanami: You heard it here folks! Gigi has chosen Kensuke and his Chain Kerbeus as his opponent!!

---A minute later---

*Gigi and Kensuke got set up at the stadium and the 1st Battle was about to begin and Gigi held up his Arrow Griffin which was surprising set into High Mode*

Gigi: Your Chain Kerbeus will be burst in just 1 battle! That is my prediction.

Kensuke: Prediction?


*Rashad remembered Gigi could predict moments ahead into the future, this wasn't looking good for Kensuke already*

Rashad: If he says Kerbeus will be burst in just 1 battle then that's precisely what he means! He's looking to end this quickly! The fact he's going with High Mode too proves he's being serious!


Referee: 1st Battle!!

Kensuke (Through Keru): It doesn't matter what your silly little predictions are, my Chain Kerbeus's defenses are absolutely surpreme!

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