S2 Episode 8: The Crimson Star! Burst Spriggan!!

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*It was the next day and Bell and the group was called to the Sparking Arena for their training for the day and when they got there, Bell was not impressed.. There was training equipment and other stuff pretty much scattered across the training area*

Bell: What the heck is this?

*Ranzo and the others were also surprised by the amount of training equipment that Shu and the wbba had provided*

Ranzo: What do we need with all this stuff?

Basara: Oh boy..

*Chiyoh surprisingly enough wasn't with the group this time, she was off doing her own thing*

Shu: Did you not tell Chiyoh to come?

Valt: Chiyoh may be on the team but she's made it clear that she trains her own way, i'm fine with it.

*Shu sighed and looked at the 3 bladers*

Shu: I guess that's fine, it's not her i'm worried about anyways..

*Shu looked at the 3 bladers and he stepped up to them, training had finally begun*

Shu: Alright, listen up. If you all want to get completely stronger and grow as a team, you must learn how to trust each other and cooperate with each other, which considering all of you are friends, that should not be an issue at all.

Basara: So what exactly are we going to be doing?

Shu: There's a reason the wbba brought all this stuff here, for today we're going to work on controlling your balance.

Ranzo: Our balance?

Bell: My balance is fine!

*Shu walked over to a tightrope and jumped onto it and perfectly balanced himself on it*

Shu: The purpose of this is to make sure you have a steady launch, if you don't then your bey won't last long in the stadium and we'll test this by having each of you battle me.

*The 3 bladers got onto their own tightrope and so far, Ranzo and Basara were doing a fine job but Bell was struggling*

Ranzo: What's wrong amigo? You seem to be struggling!

Bell: Quiet over there! I'm fine!!

Shu: Remember, as long as you keep your focus on your balance, you will be fine.

*Bell and the others eventually began launching as Shu and Valt continued to watch from afar*

Valt: You really think this'll work?

Shu: What other options do we have, they can't get stronger just by doing things on their own. We have to help them get stronger if they're gonna have a chance against the Snake Pit.

Valt: I'm sure they'll be fine, besides Bell seems to be pretty confident that he can take on the challenges.

*Shu continued to watch as the bladers continued to train on the tightropes*

Shu: That's what i'm most worried about, Belial hasn't even finished evolving yet and even if it reaches it's so-called Ultimate Gear, Belial will still have much more room to evolve.

Valt: Are you saying Belial has an untapped evolution that we don't know about?

Shu: Possibly, but at this point, it's only a matter of time.

---Later That Day---

*Shu's planned tightrope training was now over and it was finally time to have some battles, for the day, Shu would be going with Left Spin Mode*

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