S2 Episode 10: Ultimate Rivals! Valt VS Shu!!

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*It had been a few days later and Valt was in the park training as hard as he could for the coming battle that would be taking place the following day, he couldn't help but think about all the crazy memories he had battling with Shu*

Valt: Man, this really takes me back..

*Valt remembered his first full powered battle with Shu in the District Tournament so many years ago now, he didn't win but he put up a great fight! Valt was still using Victory Valkyrie and Shu was still using Storm Spriggan at the time, those were the good days.. Fast forward a few months later, Valt and Shu clash again at the God Bladers Cup where Valt frees Shu from the corruption of Spriggan Requiem and the Snake Pit*

Valt: So many fun battles in just a few years, i can't wait for tomorrow..


*Shu was alone in his old apartment that he stayed in when he was younger, he missed it to be honest. There was so many memories here that Shu could never forget, Valt first tried his Spaghetti Carbonara here and he even brought him ice for when he had the shoulder injury*

Shu: Even when i was at my lowest, he was always there. I owe it all to him for what he's done, not just for me but for the world of Beyblade as a whole.

*Shu knew all the bladers Valt had been involved with, such as Aiga, Drum, Delta, The Asahi Brothers, Bell, Rashad, Chiyoh and many more. Valt was an inspiration to so many, Shu almost felt a bit jealous.. at least he had Lane and Fubuki*

Shu: It's hard to believe Valt went from a complete novice to the blader he is now, i can't wait to face off with him again..

*Shu went into the kitchen and started to make some Spaghetti Carbonara, enough for Valt, Bell and his friends because he knew they'd be at the Arena the following day*

---The Next Day---

*The day of the great battle between Valt and Shu was finally here and the crowds were going nuts as the bladers made it to the arena and walked up to the stadium*

Valt: Shu, it's been so long since we last battled against each other, i hope you're just as ready as i am!

*Valt held up his Ultimate Valkyrie.Lg.V-9 as it started to glow brightly and Shu did the same with his Burst Spriggan.S'.Mr'-8!*

Shu: Yeah, i've been looking forward to having another battle with you for the longest time now, and this time i'll be the one who wins!


*Bell and the others were watching the battle from the crowd and Bell was highly observant of this matchup*

Bell: I wonder what Valt has up his sleeve..

Chiyoh: Who knows..

Basara: Shu appears to be going with Right Spin Mode, he's probably going to go on the Defensive and defend against Valkyries attacks

Ranzo: You really think so?

Basara: Valkyrie has a ton of attack power but Spriggan can outlast Valkyrie thanks to its high stamina, if that's what Shu has planned then its genius!

Bell: Valt! You've got this!!!


*The ground began to open up and a new stadium began to emerge, the stadium had an upper deck that a singular crater for the beys to travel in and gain speed! This was the new Wbba stadium: The Ultimate Cradle Stadium*

Valt: So that's the new stadium huh? I wonder how our beys will perform in it!

Shu: Interesting..

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