Episode 27: The Road To Glory!!

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*It was the next day and in the vast void of space and the New Star Fragment was approaching the Earth at a slow but somehow rapid pace, it was expected to hit the earth within the day, the bey within it started to glow with a purple aura*


*Bell was training as hard as he could for his battle with Chiyoh later that evening, his Perfect Gear Divine Belial raced around the stadium at full speed as its golden light shined as bright as the sun*

Bell: Go Belial!!

*Belial raced around the stadium at full speed as it glowed with a bright golden light, he was amazed at how much more powerful he was getting now*

Bell: Belial.. we have to battle Chiyoh today, we'll crush her and her Savior Perseus with all our strength!!

*Bell's thoughts were interrupted when he noticed Rashad enter the room*

Rashad: Well everything seems to be normal with you.

Bell: Of course it's normal! I am the Demon King after all, why wouldn't i be normal.

Rashad: I figured you'd say that, i've just come to see how everything has been and to give a piece of advice.

Bell: Advice?

Rashad: It's about Chiyoh.

Bell: Chiyoh? What happened now?

Rashad: Well, i don't know if you caught it but Chiyoh is pushing herself all the way to the limit and by doing so, she's forcing Perseus to fight past its limits too.

Bell: And that's my problem how?

Rashad: Chiyoh is becoming more dangerous for every time she taps into the darkness, her desire for power is consuming her everyday and eventually, it'll swallow her up completely.

Bell: Well i have noticed that she is a bit more aggressive in battle..

Rashad: That's due to her corruption.. for everytime Chiyoh uses that darkness within her, she loses apart of herself, the part of her that didn't use to be like this.

Bell: I can't be the one to stop her, you and Valt have that ability but not me.

Rashad: You're right. The only reason she's even after you is because you stand in her way of getting to Valt, if she defeats you today then her path to Valt is clear.

Bell: Well in her dreams because it'll be me who wins the battle.

Rashad: Bell this is serious. The Chiyoh you knew before is gone and it's not going to be easy to get her back.

*Bell looked down at his Belial and it released a small shine*

Bell: Like i said, i'm not the one for the task. Either you or Valt take care of it or find someone else.

*Bell walked out of the room, leaving Rashad all alone in the room*


*Chiyoh stood in a training room alone too and she held her Perseus and she found something shocking, it was more damage caused to Perseus*

Chiyoh: Perseus..

*Chiyoh remembered the battle with Gigi and thought about how rough she had went in the battle, she had pushed Perseus so much that the damage that was caused to Perseus before had gotten even worse*

Chiyoh: It's too late to do anything, our battle with Bell is just in a few hours, we don't have time to make full repairs and minor repairs won't change anything..

*Chiyoh thought long and hard about this, whether she won or lost, Perseus was likely going to be destroyed in the coming battle but Chiyoh was determined to not let something like that happen, especially to the likes of Bell*

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