Episode 5: The Shining Perseus!!

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*Bell sat alone in the Gates Of Hell thinking on what he should do to improve his skills, for once, he knew that Perfect Gear wasn't going to help at all.*

Bell: Belial..

*Bell was pulled into the Avatar World and Belial stood over him*

Belial: What's wrong, Bell?

Bell: Well we lost against Valt again and we lost against that new girl and that Savior Perseus, i still don't know how we managed to lose against both of them!

Belial: You still have not mastered our new power yet. A win against Valt won't come that easily until you've completely mastered everything about my new Evolution.

Bell: What about the Evolution Gears?

Belial: Unfortunately no, that'll take even more time to master.

Bell: What if i made new Evolution gears?

Belial: You've made Evolution Gears based on Valkyrie, Fafnir, Spriggan and Longinus! What other beys could possibly be a template for a new Gear? Even with Perfect Gear, there would be no other place to fit a new Gear.

Bell: I can just replace a gear for the new one, every gear is replaceable with something.

Belial: Still, i think it's a very unsafe idea at the moment. We can't use Evolution Gears until we've completely mastered our new power, that goes for the both of us.

*Bell just looked down as Belial continued to stare down at him*

Bell: I understand.

Belial: There seems to be something else on your mind, Bell..

Bell: It's just that.. i never did fully understand the whole thing behind this Star Fragment thing. Why did it choose us of all bladers?

Belial: The comet split and had to have chosen 4 other bladers, the answer as to why you were chosen and what the purpose is, but i do know that we can't back down and give up just yet!

*Bell just nodded and the avatar world disappeared, Bell jumped to his feet and he went off to find Chiyoh*


*Bell had arrived at the Sparking Arena Training Center but he was surprised to see Chiyoh already set up at the stadium with Rashad Goodman*

Bell: Rashad..?

*The 2 bladers were talking as the battle between the 2 was about to begin*

Rashad: So you decided to come here after all.

Chiyoh: You know me, always aiming to be stronger.

Rashad: Savior Perseus.. it definitely sounds like a challenge to me.

Chiyoh: Heh and it'll be the bey that crushes Greatest Raphael!

*Chiyoh held up her Savior Perseus as it began to glow again, Rashad began to observe the bey as its light was getting even brighter*

Chiyoh: If you think you can keep up with us then i'd like to see you try!

Rashad: In that case, i won't hold back! I heard about your victory against Bell so you must be pretty strong now if you were able to defeat Divine Belial.

*Chiyoh remembered her battle with Bell, she remembered that Bell wasn't as strong as she though he was.*

Chiyoh: Yeah.. he's decent at best. But enough talking, let's get this battle started.

*The 2 bladers took their positions and the battle between the 2 started*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Raphael had taken the center with its High Xtend+' driver in Defense Mode! Perseus was racing around the stadium at full speed and it raced in for the attack*

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