Episode 51: Legacy! Bell VS Valt!! (Season 1 Finale)

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*It was a couple days later and the Beyblade Ultimate World Series Final Stage was here and it was going to be Bell Daikokuten and his Divine Belial VS Valt Aoi and his Ultimate Valkyrie, there was a lot of hype behind this battle, some people wanted Bell to win and some want Valt to win. The battle would be later that evening and would be taking place at the Sparking Arena, Bell and the others gathered at the Gates Of Hell in order to come up with a strategy*

Bell: I'm going up against Valt and his powerful Ultimate Valkyrie, i need the best possible plan in order to beat him!

Basara: Well you could try to do what you did against Chiyoh.

Bell: I don't even remember what that was!

Chiyoh: Either way, that wouldn't work.

Ranzo: What are you talking about?

Chiyoh: If you're going to beat Valt then you need to think about the strengths and weaknesses of Ultimate Valkyrie.

Basara: Not really a lot of weaknesses, i mean it is quite literally the Ultimate Attack Type.

Bell: Still, Valkyrie has to have some kind of weakness, it's an attack type so its stamina is pretty low.

Ranzo: That is a good point..

Chiyoh: Are you suggesting that you wait until Valkyrie loses enought stamina and then go for the strike? That could work.

Basara: Maybe, it's an effective but also predictable strategy, Valt might be expecting it.

Ranzo: I mean it's worth a shot, with Valt you may never know.

*Bell began to think for a moment, when he battled Valt a long time ago, he used the same strategy against him then but he lost. But now that he had the Evolution Gears by his side, he just might have had a chance

Bell: I'm just going to attack as hard as i can, if i can do that then Valkyrie will surely falter under the pressure and end things with a burst!


*Valt and Shu stood together in the Sparking Arena as Valt was training as hard as he could*

Shu: You'll be going up against Divine Belial's true power, you saw how powerful it was in the Finals against Chiyoh and it has all those upgrades equipped to it, are you confident that Valkyrie will be able to take on that level of attack power?

Valt: Only one way to find out.

*Shu just smiled as he looked down into his hand at the destroyed pieces of his Astral Spriggan, he planned to evolve his Spriggan into the ultimate Spriggan Evolution.*

Shu: I'm not sure what you're planning but hopefully it all works out in the end.

*Shu turned and left the room as Valt continued to training, his Ultimate Valkyrie's golden light shining as bright as it could*


*The final stage of the Beyblade Ultimate World Series was finally here and it was a battle between the Demon King Bell Daikokuten and his Divine Belial VS The Legend Of Legends Valt Aoi and his Ultimate Valkyrie! The crowd in the Sparking Arena was cheering loudly as the bladers walked up to the stadium*

Valt: So we finally get to battle again, Bell!

Bell: Yeah, and this time we're going to win too! My Divine Belial will conquer Ultimate Valkyries power and it'll take the title of the Ultimate Bey in the world!

*Valt smiled as he held up his Ultimate Valkyrie as it started to glow with a blue and gold aura*

Valt: Is that so? In that case, we won't hold back!

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