Episode 39: Opening Battle! Let The Tournament Begin!!

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It was the following day and everyone was getting on the same ship that was once used for the Battleship Cruise which was very familiar to bladers like Aiga who went through hell to beat the bladers he tried to beat on this vessel! The ships AI: BeyQueen appeared on the overhead screen as all the bladers had her attention*

BeyQueen: Goodmorning bladers, i am BeyQueen and i am the AI of this vessel! To kick off the opening battle of the Beyblade Ultimate World Series, we're going to kick things off this evening with a hopefully fierce battle between Bell Daikokuten and his Bey Divine Belial and his opponent from Block B Shu Kurenai and his Astral Spriggan!

*All 16 bladers participating in the tournament stared up at the screen which had now changed to the versus banner of Bell VS Shu! Bell smiled wickedly as he stared up at the screen and looked down at his Belial*

Bell: Belial.. we've got this in the bag! Nothing we can't handle!

*Shu looked up at the screen and then looked over at Lui who started to cackle*

Lui: Well Shu Kurenai, looks like you got your work cut out for you!

*Shu looked at Lui and smiled and looked back at the screen*

Shu: From what Wakiya had told me, Belial has gotten even stronger with its new move, Divine Evolution.. If there's anything i have to look out for, it's going to be that move and the moment Bell decides to pull it out.

BeyQueen: Unless there are any questions or concerns, the Beyblade Ultimate World Series begins now!!

*The screen shuts off and everyone immediately headed to go train but Shu stayed behind for a while and Valt who was watching from the platform saw this.*

Valt: Something wrong Shu?

Shu: It's nothing, just thinking about something.

Valt: What are you thinking about?

*Shu looked down at his Astral Spriggan for a moment and looked out over the vast oceans*

Shu: From the very first time i battled Bell, he beat me in battle but didn't consider it a victory at all. He's come a long way since he gained traction and popularity among bladers around the world.

Valt: He's got that Demon King charm to him, that's for sure.

Shu: That's why people love to see him battle, he puts on a great show even when he's in a pinch. I remember his battle against Rashad that day and the power and bond he displayed throughout the battle really lit up the arena..

Valt: Yeah, they really did.

Shu: It's unfortunate to hear we won't see Rashad for a while but if its what it takes to get stronger and find himself then more power to him, it's his path and only he can walk it.

Valt: He and Bell never cease to amaze me. Belial and Raphael are a cool pair of beys if you ask me.

*Shu smiled and continued to stare off into the sea*

Shu: Yeah, yeah they are.


*Bell and Ranzo were alone in a training room in the Ship and they were giving it their all even in a training battle*

Bell: Go for it Belial! Divine Evolution!!

*Belial clashes with Ragnaruk and burst straight through it with little to no effort at all and Ranzo was knocked off of his feet*

Ranzo: Well you've definitely got the hang of your new Divine Evolution move but do you really think it'll be able to work on Cassiel, a bey that specializes in pure defense and stamina?

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