Episode 11: Explosive Struggle! Battle Royale!!

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*Valt lead Bell, Chiyoh and Rashad all to the place where they were going to meet Drum, the Sparking Arenas Training Center. When they got there, Drum was already waiting for them and good grief! Drums face was redder than a damn apple, Bell was almost freaked out by the sight but Rashad and Chiyoh didn't even flinch, they were used to Drums shenanigans..*

Drum: So you all finally made it!

Valt: Yep, i told you we'd make it! This is Bell, Chiyoh and Rashad, i'm sure you recognize them in some way, right?

*Drum stepped forward and got right in Bells face which only freaked him out even more*

Bell: Valt! What is he doing?!

Drum: So you must be that Demon King i've heard so much about! If you can beat them in the battle royale shortly, then you'll be facing the might of this Gatling Dragon!

*Drum held up his new BU Bey which was Gatling Dragon, the bey used a Karma Disk, A Charge Metal' Driver and a 10 Armor, giving it the ultimate level of attack! Chiyoh looked at the bey and her eyes narrowed as a flame sparked from her iris*

Chiyoh: Gatling Dragon.. i'll be the one to crush that bey beneath my foot..!

*Rashad was also in absolute awe at the new bey as well*

Rashad: He really took Dragons evolution to the next level, i guess i shouldn't have expected anything less from someone like him..

Drum: Well if everyone is ready, then let's begin the Battle Royale!

*The bladers got set up at a nearby stadium and Valt would be the referee of the battle, Bell stared at his two opponents with furious anger*

Valt: Battle Royale!!

Bell: I'll be the one to take on Dragon, i'll crush him with all my power! But first it looks like i'll have to go through you two again..!

Rashad: Battling against a bey like Dragon might be just what i need to get strong again, i have to win this battle royale in order to do that though! Bell might be the biggest challenge here, Chiyoh doesn't stand a chance against me since that day..!

Chiyoh: None of you will stand in my way, the one who will battle Drum is me!

*The bladers took their final positions and the battle began*

Valt: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Greatest Raphael, Savior Perseus and Divine Belial were racing around the stadium at full speed from the powerful launches*

Bell: Show them no mercy Belial!

Rashad: Raphael!!

*Belial was hot on Raphaels heels but was immediately stopped by Perseus*

Bell: W-What?!

Chiyoh: Perseus! Tear it into nothing!!

*Belial and Perseus were locked in a fierce clash and Perseus wasn't letting its opponent pass*

Bell: Get out of my way Perseus!!

*Belial tried to push past but it was no use, Perseus wasn't letting it by! Raphael had now taken the center in its Defense Mode and soon its armors would be moving into position*

Chiyoh: You won't win this time Demon King! Perseus will strike you down for good!!

Bell: Not if i have anything to say about it! Go!!

*Belial was finally able to break free from Perseus' grip but it wasn't long before Perseus was now chasing after it with full speed*

Bell: I won't let you!

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