Episode 4: Fierce Battle! Bell VS Valt!!

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Bell: Savior Perseus?

*Chiyoh looked down at the bey she held in her hands and she looked back up at Bell who stared at her curiously*

Chiyoh: I didn't actually make this bey myself, this bey was a gift from Valt.

Bell: A gift from Valt?

*Chiyoh looked down and her thoughts began to wander*


*It had been some time after Chiyoh Rei had joined BC Sol and at that time, Chiyoh was currently using a Tempest Valkyrie.Sting.Jaggy.1S and she was currently training at a stadium when Valt had entered the BC Sol Gym. It was also Chiyoh's 12th Birthday too*

Valt: Chiyoh!?

*Chiyoh looked up from her training and looked over at Valt who had entered the empty gym*

Chiyoh: Valt?

Valt: There you are Chiyoh, i've been looking for you.

Chiyoh: What is it Valt? 

*Valt smiled and gestured for her to follow him*

Valt: I have a surprise for you Chiyoh.

Chiyoh: A Surprise?

Valt: Yeah, follow me!

*Valt lead Chiyoh to the BeyLab and Valt held a small black case in his hands*

Chiyoh: What is that?

*Valt opened up the case and inside it was a Gold and White bey with a disk and driver in it too*

Chiyoh: T-This is the surprise?!

Valt: Well you always told me how much you wanted a Dynamite Battle System Bey so i had Zorro throw this bey together for you, it's not perfect or anything but i think it suits you a lot. It's also your birthday today too, this is my gift to you.

*Chiyoh reached into the box and pulled the bey from the foam cushion it rested in, the bey was sparkling and twinkling with a bright radiance*

Chiyoh: What's the name?

Valt: I believe Zorro called it "Perseus".

Chiyoh: Perseus huh? I like it.

*The gold and white bey began to glow in her hand as she smiled, she was delighted to own a bey that fit well in her hand*

Chiyoh: I can't wait to start battling with it! It's going to rock!

Valt: However, if you truly want to get stronger with it then you have to forge a strong bond with Perseus.

Chiyoh: A Bond?

Valt: It's a special connection between the Blader and Bey and if you can forge one with it, then you'll have no issue getting stronger.

Chiyoh: I see.. in that case, we'll be sure to forge the greatest bonds ever!

---Flashback Ends---

Chiyoh: This bey was gifted to me by Valt on my 12th birthday, this bey holds a special place in my heart because of that. I've so desperately wanted to get stronger with it by my side but i've had very little progress and luck.

Bell: What battles have you taken part in?

Chiyoh: I've only taken part in battles that i know i can win.

Bell: Well that's no way to get strong!

Chiyoh: Come again?

Bell: If you really want to get strong then you have to go all out against the toughest bladers possible, how do you think i got so strong?

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