Episode 25: The Beast Comes Out! Griffin's Assault!!

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*The next day had arrived and Ranzo Kiyama was as fired up as ever as he got his gear ready, he already went over a plan with Bell*

Ranzo: Ragnaruk.. we should stick to the plan me and Amigo came up with..

*Ranzo's plan was to take the center of the stadium and use Double Wing Cyclone as usual but if things got tough then Ranzo would have Ragnaruk tough it out with the Never Drivers incredible Knock Out Resistance*

Ranzo: What plan i have is simple but it'll work, let's do this Ragnaruk!


*Gigi was alone in a training room as he kept up his intense training, he thought about his first opponent which was Ranzo Kiyama*

Gigi: Ranzo Kiyama.. He's a relative of Rantaro and Ranjiro Kiyama and he uses a Ragnaruk Bey just like they do. He's also a friend of the Demon King Bell Daikokuten which makes him all the more interesting, surely someone that close to the Demon King is powerful, i'll see soon enough.

*Gigi held his Arrow Griffin in his hand as it began to glow with a Green and Black aura and his red eyes began to glow with a fiery burning flame*

Gigi: Cyclone Ragnaruk.. it uses a Giga Disk and a Never Driver with a 6 Armor. It utilizes its Stamina Wings to create a vortex of wind to reduce Stamina loss and even pull the bey into the anomaly. I shouldn't underestimate a bey with such a high level of stamina, i'll judge when the battle begins.


*The battle between Ranzo and Gigi had finally begun as the 2 bladers made their way to the Arena and the 2 bladers stepped up to stadium as loud cheers echoed throughout the crowd*

Ranzo: Gigi Ishikawa, based on what i've seen from him, he's got a lot of power behind him. His Storm Of Arrows move is something i have to watch out for, Dive Of A Hundred Arrows too..

Gigi: Like i thought before, Ranzo is close to the Demon King. He's has to be somewhat strong at least, but i guess we'll see after all.

Ranzo: Hey! I saw your battle with Kensuke and Rashad, you seem to be very powerful!

Gigi: To be honest, i'm expecting big things from you in this battle, i want to see if Cyclone Ragnaruk really is what you make it out to be.

*Gigi's eyes began to glow as he held up his Arrow Griffin in Low Mode as Ranzo held up his Cyclone Ragnaruk in Low Mode too*

Ranzo: You better hold on to your hat in that case because my Ragnaruk will send you flying!


*Bell watched from the crowd as he had his eyes on Ranzo*

Bell: Stick to the plan Ranzo, just like we planned..


Referee: 1st Battle!!

*The bladers took their position and the battle between the 2 bladers began*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Ragnaruk had instantly taken the center as Arrow Griffin charged around the stadium at full speed*

Ranzo: That's the stuff Ragnaruk! Full force!!

*Griffin raced up the stadium and came charging in for the blow! Griffin clashes with Ragnaruk but its Never Driver kept it from getting knocked back*

Gigi: Bare your fangs Griffin!!

Ranzo: It's time! Double Wing Cyclone!!

*Ragnaruk's wings burst into flames and its vortex of fiery winds burst forth as Griffin was knocked back*

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