Episode 17: Swinging Slash! The Secrets Of Xcalibur!!

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*It had been the next day and Bell was now coming up with a solid strategy in order to take down Xhakas Xcalibur for good, he had the F-Gear and V-Gear in his hand*

Bell: Belial..

*Bell was pulled into the Avatar World and Belial stood right before him*

Belial: So you're using more gears as apart of our plan huh?

Bell: F-Gear's Rubber, D-Gears barrage and the mobility from V-Gear will be our ally in defeating Xhaka, it's the only way! I thought Xcalibur would've been the perfect bey to create a new Gear but i got nothing.

Belial: It's also way too soon. You had just gotten D-Gear too.

Bell: Well that and there's nothing about Xcalibur that we don't already have. We have incredible attack power and we have metal just like Xcalibur.

Belial: It's not just that but also the fact that Xcalibur can be aligned to a specific point to unleash stronger attacks, we've already seen that first hand. V-Gear is self explanatory but what do you plan on using F-Gear for?

Bell: To hopefully absorb the attacks from Xcalibur and hopefully use them against it. Using Rubber against a metal sword should be the key to beating that bey for good!

*Belial looked at Bell and thought about it for a moment, Xcaliburs Single Strike Mode was far too powerful for them to take on even with just 1 gear. Using more gears was their only option.*

Belial: Alright, but for the record, this was your idea.

Bell: Lighten up a bit, it's only for this match and that's it.

*The avatar world disappeared and Bell smiled, he dashed out of the Gates Of Hell and ran to go to the Dojo*


*Valt had met up with Chiyoh upon a nearby cliff and Chiyoh stood and looked upon the horizon and felt the breeze in her hair*

Valt: Chiyoh?

*Chiyoh did not turn to face Valt, in a way she seemed rather upset*

Chiyoh: If you came to talk about my battle yesterday then forget it, i already know what you're gonna say.

Valt: Chiyoh i don't know if you were aware of the power you displayed but that power is already starting to consume and if you don't stop it, there may be no getting you out.

Chiyoh: That power showed me clarity, the truth. If i am to become stronger, i must do so by any means necessary.

Valt: Are you truly willing to take that risk?

Chiyoh: One must be willing to take risks in order to become stronger Valt, didn't your friend Shu Kurenai do the same thing? And what about former world champion Aiga Akaba?

Valt: They may have taken some risks in order to become stronger but they were wrong, not just failing to realize what Beyblade was truly about but getting stronger by resorting to the darkness.

Chiyoh: You don't know me as well as you might think Valt, i can handle a little darkness.

Valt: Chiyoh, i have seen first hand what falling too deep into the dark side can do to someone. It's like you said, Shu and Aiga both fell for a while and i can see how much it affected them and now i can clearly see how it's affecting you.

Chiyoh: Like i just said, i can handle it. That's the end of discussion!

*Chiyoh turned and started to walk away, Valt stared after her as he watched her aura start to glow*

Valt: And what if you can't? What then?

Chiyoh: Then i'll let it guide me..

*Chiyoh continued to walk and left a very stunned Valt, her final words chilled Valt to his core, Chiyoh was already lost*

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