Episode 21: Fight On The High Stage! Hero VS Hero!!

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*It was the following day and Chiyoh Rei was alone in a training room as she stood at a Stadium, she stared at the stadium floor as she remembered her encounter with Gigi and she remembered her battle with Bell during the Opening Ceremony*

Chiyoh: In order to surpass Bell, Valt and everyone else.. i have to push myself to the utmost limit, we can't fall behind now, we've come too far to turn back!

*Chiyoh had made some small repairs to Perseus since its battle with Xcalibur but with the limited resources she had available, repairs were also limited. The Savior Blade still had a tiny fracture but it was good enough until Chiyoh could apply better repairs*

Chiyoh: But i guess for today, we'll see how things go. Aiga is a strong opponent so you will be tested hard, but it's all good. Aiga stands no chance against us.

*Her training began and Perseus rushed around the stadium at full speed, its Savior Blade slicing through the air as it held its current speed*

Chiyoh: Looking good Perseus! We've got this in the bag for sure!


*Bell was all alone in his own separate training room and he thought about the battle with Aiga, the power he felt when facing off with Aiga was power he had never felt before, even as the Demon King*

Bell: Belial.. what was that?

*Belial gave a small little glow, which gave Bell no real answer*

Bell: Whatever it was, it didn't help me with my battle against Aiga..

*An idea flew into Bells head, he had the idea of making a new Evolution Gear for Belial*

Bell: Perhaps, we could evolve you once again!

*Valt was outside Bells training room and could hear him*

Valt: A New Evolution Gear huh?


*The battle between Chiyoh and Aiga had now started as both bladers were brought up to the stadium! Cheers could be heard from every corner of the arena, the bladers stepped up to the stadium and Chiyoh just began to smile*

Chiyoh: Aiga Akaba, i've been waiting for this moment for a while. You know, going last has its perks, i now know everything there is to know about Achilles and i'll crush it with my full power!

*Aiga just stared at Chiyoh with a serious expression*

Aiga: Your display of power against Bell was impressive, flawed but impressive. In this battle, i'll teach you a thing or two about real power.

Chiyoh: Is that so? What do you have up your sleeve that i already don't know about?

Aiga: You might know all of my tricks but that's not going to stop me from beating you, you underestimate my power and you overestimate yours.

Chiyoh: I guess we'll see about that soon enough now won't we?


*Bell was watching from the crowd and he was fully concentrated on the battle, he cheered for nobody but he was curious on who was going to win the battle*

Bell: Chiyoh or Aiga.. i wonder which between them is going to win..


Referee: 1st Battle!!

*The bladers took their positions, Aiga had went with Left Spin Defense Mode (Zest Sword above the Zest Blade in Left Mode) with Quattro' in Stamina Mode*

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Achilles had taken the center right off the bat as Perseus raced around the stadium at full speed*

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