S2 Episode 1: The Demon King Evolves! Belial's True Evolution!!

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*It had been some time after the events of the Beyblade Ultimate World Series and the intense battle between Bell Daikokuten and Valt Aoi: a little over a month at this point! Bell Daikokuten resided in his mansion as training for the day was over and he stood alone in the Theater Of Hell, where all his battles here took place and he stared down at his Divine Belial with a smile*

Bell: Belial, we're growing even stronger than ever with the power of your true and ultimate evolution!

*The Demon King's bey began to glow brightly as its aura was smoothly emitting from the new Belial III core, Bell smiled as he stood in front of the stadium, continuing his training! A blood moon hung in the skies as it shined above the Gates Of Hell*

---Meanwhile, In America---

*In a rural area in the thick jungles of Mexico, there was a temple that was home to one of the most evilest organizations in the world of Beyblade. The man that was Alexander Gliten, otherwise known as Ashram was conducting yet another scheme to bring about the Ultimate Bey and this time, he had the perfect test subject for his plan*

Ashram: I failed with Shu Kurenai a long time ago but this time, i won't make the same mistake twice but now, i finally after all these years, have the perfect blader to replace him!

*Ashram stood in front of a large cylindrical glass chamber-capsule and inside it was a teenage female girl who looked to be no older than 16 years old*

Ashram: What is her status?

Snake Pit Engineer 1: Her vital signs are healthy and normal, everything looks great.

Ashram: Very good, and what is the progress on Project: Zero?

Snake Pit Engineer 2: Project: Zero will be ready in at a few days at most, something this big will take time.

Ashram: Then time it shall take then, At the moment, Tara Vancouver is nothing more than the average blader but soon, this new project will make her something that even the World Champion Valt Aoi can't even defeat. If we must be patient for that to be a reality then so be it, i will have my revenge on Shu Kurenai for ruining my plans back then.

*Ashrams assistant, Silver Eye came up behind him, holding a datapad*

Silver Eye: Ashram, we have details regarding the bey Tara wants based on what her brainwaves are telling.

Ashram: Details?

Silver Eye: According to this, she wants her new bey to be a Balance Type Bey. It doesn't make much sense, her last bey was an Attack Type.. Whatever works for her.

Ashram: Then a Balance Type it shall be.

*In the capsule, the girl was unconscious, her body being held down by restraints as an oxygen mask was covering her face, smoke filled the chamber as it kept her in a sedated state. This girl was going to be the next big threat that the blading world would face and would be way more deadly and extreme than anything anyone had ever seen before! The girls breath appeared on the mask covering her face as her finger twitched, as well as her closed eyes*


*It was the next day in Japan and Bell Daikokuten began his training for the day after a delicious breakfast made by his grandpa, Jingemon Daikokuten and Basara and Chiyoh were already waiting for him in the Theater Of Hell*

Bell: All shall tremble in fear at the might of the De-

*Basara and Chiyoh deadpanned as Bell did his little Demon King monologue*

Basara: What is he doing..?

Chiyoh: Bell! It's just us, you haven't had a new opponent in several days!

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