Episode 32: Unexpected Challenge! Helios and Hyperion!!

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*Bell stared at the 2 brothers as his eyes began to glow brightly, he could see the fiery spirit in their eyes and he stared at the beys that they held in their hands. Super Hyperion R had rubber on both sides of the blade and had a Tapered Disk, a new Xplosion Driver and a 2 Armor. Helios had metal on both sides of the blade and had a Giga Disk, a new Zeal Driver and a 10 Armor.*

Bell: Hyperion and Helios huh? I'll gladly take you both on!

*Bell pointed his finger at Hikaru first*

Bell: Porcupine! You're up first!

*Hikaru deadpanned at the Demon King calling him a bad name but he stepped up to the stadium anyway as he held up his King Helios M started to glow with a Blue and Gold aura*

Hikaru: Divine Belial.. from what i've heard on it, its attack power can match that of Ultimate Valkyrie, the Ultimate Attack Type Bey.. If that's true then i may have to go on the defensive. Belial even has Gear Upgrades equipped to it so that boosts its power even more, let's play it safe for today.

Bell: King Helios M.. from the looks of things, it has metal in its design but there's something else about it.. And it's surprising not just Helios but its also Hyperion as well. I don't know what it is but something just seems odd about both of those beys, it's like those beys can do something that's never been seen before..

*The bladers took their positions and the battle began*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and King Helios M raced around the stadium at full speed and raced to the center as Belial wasted no time going on the attack*

Hikaru: Now bring it on Demon King! We can take anything you can throw at us!

Bell: Now go! Adventure Shoot!!

*Belial comes charging in and launches a relentless attack on Helios and it was doing damage like it was nothing, Helios was being pushed around like a ping pong*

Bell: That's it! Give it even more!!

Hikaru: Helios! Drive it back!!

*Helios stops itself using the guard parts on the Zeal Driver and stays in the game and knocks Belial away*

Bell: Belial! Attack even more, unleash the depths of your power!!

*Belial clashes with Helios and knocks it back even more*


*Hyuga stood off to the side and was amazed at the power of Belial, he was getting so psyched up*

Hyuga: Belial is so cool.. i want to have a turn..


*Helios continued to take the attacks and Belial was starting to attack even harder*

Bell: Is that all you got? Come on, why don't you attack even harder?!

*Hikaru smiled as Bell looked at him confused*

Hikaru: Everything is going according to plan. Helios has 10 Blades that disperses the attack, plus with its metal blades, Helios has incredible defense and attack power too!

*Hikaru was right! Helios had defended against Belial's attacks the entire time and using the metal weighting in the King M Blade, Helios was also super heavy!*

Bell: Belial! Keep attacking even more and more!!

*Belial continued its barrage and Helios was pinned down to the center*

Hikaru: Helios! Now!!

Hikaru: Helios! Now!!

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