Episode 13: Rainbow! D-Gear!!

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*It had been some time after Bell's loss to Drum and the creation of the D-Gear that Bell immediately started to train with his new Evolution Gear and get it mastered, training was still underway as Bell was currently training with Ranzo and Basara. several battles had gone by and Bell had taken every one with a Burst but still had no progress with channeling the Gears ability*

Bell: It doesn't make sense, Belial has won every single battle up until this point but i can't get the D-Gear to work effectively!

Ranzo: Maybe you need to find a stronger opponent, i hate to say it but i just don't think we're cut out to test out your new upgrade.

Basara: Ranzo!

Ranzo: You have to think about it, Bell has become so much more stronger since Dangerous Belial's evolution! Divine Belial just by itself was already strong enough, now think about how strong Belial will become the more new upgrades it receives!

Basara: You do have a point..

Bell: So what are you saying? Are you saying you're weak?

Ranzo: For once Amigo, yes. You need a stronger opponent in order to really bring out your new Upgrades power!

*The prayers were answered as the doors to the Theater Of Hell opened up and standing in the Doorway was Shu Kurenai himself.*

Bell: Well look who it is..!

*Ranzo and Basara were shocked to see Shu Kurenai back at the Gates Of Hell in so long*

Shu: Valt asked me to check up on your progress, and my own suspicions were correct. Belial has undergone a lot of changes from what i can tell.

*Bell smiled and held up his Divine Belial, this had been the first time Shu had actually seen it in person, not to mention the new Evolution Gear that hung from its disk*

Shu: So that's the infamous Divine Belial i've heard so much about..

*Shu still hadn't forgotten his own loss to Bell all that time ago back in Spain, at the time Bell only had 2 Evolution gears equipped to his former bey: Dynamite Belial and Shu had lost both battles. Things had changed since then though.. Shu had put in a lot of training at the New York Bulls to get stronger..*

Shu: While i'm here, i overheard you guys talking about needing a stronger opponent. I feel like i fit the criteria, especially considering you need someone to test out Belial's new Gear.

*Bell simply smiled as Shu stepped up to the stadium, taking Ranzo's place*

Ranzo: I guess this is really happening then, alright First Battle!!

Bell: I don't suppose you forgot how badly i defeated you!

Shu: Maybe i let you win, but not today. I'll show you how much stronger Spriggan has gotten!

*Shu had his Astral Spriggan in Right Spin Defense Mode and both bladers took positions*

Ranzo: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Spriggan had taken the center right off the bat as Divine Belial with its new D-Gear raced around the stadium at full speed*

Bell: Go Belial! Show them no mercy!!

*Belial comes charging in and slams into Spriggan with full force but was repelled from the attack*

Shu: You're gonna need to do a lot more than that to beat us this time!

Bell: Tch..! Keep it up Belial!!

*Belial kept on attacking with all its might but Spriggan wasn't budging a bit, Spriggan was using its metal in the Astral Blades Right Spin form and the Quattro driver in Defense Mode to counter Belials attacks*

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