Episode 36: The Angel's Final Judgement! Royal Sword!!

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*It was later that day after Chiyoh had defeated Kit Lopez and Valt was now at the wbba HQ to speak to Wakiya about arranging a Challenge match between him and Chiyoh Rei*

Wakiya: You what? You want to hold an Exhibition match with Chiyoh Rei as your opponent?

Valt: That's what i said.

Wakiya: Valt, the Beyblade Ultimate World Series is just few days away and you want to hold an Exhibition battle against possibly one of the strongest bladers the world has ever seen.

Valt: Yes.

*Wakiya looked at the Legend Of Legends a bit confused and he tilted his head, surely Valt would have a good reason as to why he wanted to battle Chiyoh especially now of all times*

Wakiya: Is there a particular reason why you want to battle her?

Valt: She's destroying herself with this Queen Of Light title, don't tell me you've forgotten.

*Wakiya looked Valt in the eyes and it took him a minute but he finally realized what he was on about, Valt was trying to prevent Chiyoh from walking the same path Shu did.*

Wakiya: It's too late Valt. With Shu, he wasn't fully gone just yet but Chiyoh.. she's too far gone at this point. I'm sorry.

Valt: Set up the battle anyway, i won't take giving up as an answer. The old Chiyoh is in there somewhere and i'll be one to bring back to the light!

*Wakiya looked at Valt even more and sighed, he knew there was no changing the Legend Of Legends mind.*

Wakiya: If you insist, but just know i can't be held responsible for anything that might go wrong, i'll arrange the battle for you but only if you promise you'll win.

Valt: I will, trust me.

*Valt turned and started to walk away, Wakiya stared after him with a smile. Wakiya had known Valt all these years and he hadn't changed a bit, Wakiya still remembered his first battle with him like it was yesterday. Valt always saw the good in others regardless and that was something Wakiya eventually came to understand even by being on the same team as him*

Wakiya: Don't ever change Valt, i know you can win this battle..


*Bell was in the Gates Of Hell training with Ranzo when he heard the news of Valt battling against Chiyoh once again*

Bell: So Valt's going after Chiyoh once again..

Ranzo: He lost against her last time didn't he? I wonder what he's got up his sleeve this time.

Bell: Either way, this battle could provide clarity on Cassiels weakness, which is something i think everyone wants to know.

Ranzo: Well me and you couldn't beat her but maybe Valt can, maybe he'll be the one to unveil Cassiel's weakness.

*Bell looked down for a moment and he looked at his Belial which glowed softly, he began to think about Chiyoh again and wonder what he could've done to make things right*

Ranzo: Is something wrong, Amigo?

Bell: It's nothing.. Whatever it was left my mind..

*Bell started to leave the Gates Of Hell and Ranzo stared after him, he wondered what was going on. A lot of weird things had been going on with everyone since Chiyoh had received her new bey*

Ranzo: I wonder what's going on with Bell.. in fact, everyone's been acting strange since Chiyoh made her debut with Royal Cassiel..

*Ranzo also looked down at his Cyclone Ragnaruk and it began to glow with an orange and gold aura, Ranzo smiled as he knew that he couldn't fall behind at this point, he had to get as strong as he could if he was going to make it far in the coming tournament.*

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