Episode 14: The Demon Kings Assault! D-Gear's Barrage!!

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Drum: So this is the power of the Demon King huh?

*Bell just stood there with his arms crossed, his aura glowing around him like a wildfire. His smile was super sinister and his turquoise colored eyes glowed*

Bell: So Drum Koryu, how do you like the power of the newly evolved Belial!!

*Drum looked down at his bey and it glowed with a rainbow colored twinkle, Drum smiled and looked back up at Bell*

Drum: You're pretty interesting i'll give you that, but we're gonna show you how truly serious we can get!

*The highlights on Drums hair began to glow and flicker with a blue flame as the diamonds on Bells head began to glow too*

Bell: Alright now, let's do this thing!

Ranzo: 2nd Battle!!

*The 2 bladers took their positions and the battle finally began*

Ranzo: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Dragon was picking up some major speed right off the bat*

Bell: Interesting, go for it now Belial!!

*Belial slams into Dragon with full force and the Dragon Heads had extended with the frontal blades sliding back instantly*

Bell: W-What?!

Drum: I already knew exactly what you were going to do!

*Dragon speeds up around the stadium at full speed and comes in for the attack*

Bell: We're not giving up that easily, Divine Counter!!

*Dragon clashes with Belial but was knocked back instantly from Belials counterstrike, Dragon hits the wall but kept on going*

Bell: Now go! Adventure Shoot!!

Drum: Dragon Shoot!!

*Belial and Dragon clashed back and forth with powerful consecutive blows, neither one was going to back down so easily and finally, Dragon was knocked back*


*Ranzo observed the battle with full intent and watched Belial closely*

Ranzo: Belial is managing to take Dragons attacks blow for blow, and not only that but it can even mimic its Sliding Blade attack using the D-Gear.. Bell must have some kind of plan in place now..


Bell: End this!!

*Belial and Dragon clashed even more as sparks started to fly and bolts of electricity surged throughout the stadium*

Drum: Time to get seriously serious! Gatling Snap!!

*Dragons sliding blade jerks forward and slashes against Belial with full force and it was sent flying out of the stadium immediately*

Bell: W-What the?!

Drum: Tch.. it wasn't a burst this time?

Ranzo: Gatling Dragon with an Over Finish! Drum Koryu earns 1 point!!

Drum: Aw man! Why wasn't it a burst!?!

*Bell reached down and picked up his bey but in doing so, he could somehow hear Chiyoh's voice in his head somehow, he shook his head trying to ignore it and snapped back to reality*

Bell: Dragon is so strong but we're stronger than him for sure, he just got lucky..

Drum: Bell really is living up to the name of the Demon King, the score is tied now so let's see what he's got in store in the 3rd Battle. Let's do this thing, Dragon!

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