Episode 19: Worldwide! An Explosive High Stage Battle!!

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*Rashad and Ilya were in the training room together as they would be paired up as a tag team to take on Aiga, both of them had to come up with an aligned strategy in order to take him down*

Ilya: Well we saw part of what Zest Achilles can do and i'm looking at the data on Achilles, it's a mode changing monster. 48 Modes in total!

Rashad: Well the good news is that Aiga won't use all 48 at once, one thing to note is that both of our beys are Balance Types as well with Mode Changes. That complicates things even more.

Ilya: Ifrit can use Attack and Balance Mode while Raphael can use Stamina, Defense and Attack, we have to choose wisely for our modes because since it's a battle royale, we only have one shot at this.

Rashad: I know, i know. Something is off about Achilles, it's been the same with Dragon and Xcalibur. Both of those beys had abilities that were unprecedented, i feel it's the same with Achilles.

Ilya: What do you think that is?

Rashad: Only one way to find out, you should probably go with Attack Mode while i go with Defense Mode.

Ilya: What are you up to?

Rashad: Let's just say i have a "special technique" that i know Achilles won't even be able to break through!

Ilya: Confident as always, what do you think i should do?

Rashad: Just wait, Aiga will be so busy with me that an unexpected attack from you at the right moment will take him by surprise and hopefully put an end to the battle.

Ilya: Sounds like a solid enough plan, well i guess we'll see how this all plays out soon.


*Aiga took a look at the stats and data on Greatest Raphael and Magma Ifrit. Greatest Raphael was a balance type that could use its armors to form a halo projection above it and increase its defenses while Ifrit specialized in special mode changes*

Aiga: Raphael and Ifrit huh? Both of them have mode changes just like us.

*Aiga began to think of a strategy as he noticed Bell sneaking into the room*

Bell: Dang it! I've been spotted!!

Aiga: Can't sneak up on me that easily, what do you want? Surely not information on Achilles right?

Bell: Well i mean..!

Aiga: It's fine, you wouldn't be the first blader i've showed my cards to.

*Aiga took out his Zest Achilles and flipped the blade upside down, converting Achilles into Left Rotation*

Bell: Wait what?!

Aiga: Achilles not only has multiple driver configurations but also the ability to change between a Left and Right Rotation, that's all i'm going to show you for now but you'll see more when our battle comes.

*Aiga turned and left the room, Bell was absolutely mind blown at what he had just saw*


*The next match with Aiga Akaba had begun and the 3 bladers had reached the top and walked up to the stadium*

Rashad: Remember Ilya, like we planned..

Ilya: Yeah i know.

*Aiga smiled as he held up his Zest Achilles which had now been equipped with its new Zest Sword attachment which was placed on top of the Zest Blade, initiating an Attack Mode! It's Quattro' Driver was also in Attack Mode*

Aiga: I hope you two are ready, because me and Achilles are holding nothing back in this battle!

*Rashad observed the different appearance in Achilles and his eyes focused on the Zest Swords*

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