Episode 35: Shadows! Chiyoh's Despair!!

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*It was the next day and Kit Lopez was walking through town to find Chiyoh Rei, Bell had defeated him the day before but now, Kit was interested in Chiyoh. He wanted to have a go at battling her and probably winning against her. After some time and a lot of walking and high and low searching, Kit found her in the mountains, away from everyone and training at a stadium*

Kit: Chiyoh Rei! It's an honor to finally meet you at long last, i heard you were a blader at BC Sol at one point, if i had known about you then i would've challenged you sooner.

*Chiyoh turned and looked at Kit with a blank look in her eyes*

Chiyoh: I don't know you.

Kit: Well of course this is our first official meeting, i didn't expect you to know who i am.

*Kit held up his bey Wind Knight and Chiyoh just stared him down with a soft glare*

Kit: I've come to challenge you to a battle! I saw your battle against Bell and now, i'll be taking a go at battling you and i'll be the one that takes you down.

*Chiyoh looked at Kit Lopez and sighed and the 2 bladers took their positions. Kit's Wind Knight was currently in Upper Force Mode*

Chiyoh: Fine, but this isn't going to go the way you think it is.

*Without hesitiation and delay, the battle began*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Royal Cassiel took the center immediately as Wind Knight hovered towards the stadium*

Chiyoh: W-What the..?!

*Knight touched down upon the stadium and headed for the center and clashes with Cassiel with all its might*

Kit: Go! Wind Knight!!

*Knights stamina was so powerful but Cassiel didn't have its shields out and it was ready for a counterattack*

Chiyoh: Royal Crown!!

*Cassiels smaller spikes strikes across Wind Knight and knocks it back and it hits the wall, only to cause it to take to the skies*

Kit: Yes! That's the way!!

Chiyoh: Tch..!!

*Knight was slowly starting to fall back towards the stadium and Cassiel was still in the center but it wasn't losing stamina at all.*

Chiyoh: I don't know what he's planning but Cassiel will never run out of stamina, it doesn't matter what he does..

*Knight was halfway back down towards the stadium and Cassiel was finally starting to wobble after some time*

Chiyoh: W-What?!

Kit: Guess Cassiel can't spin forever after all!

*Knight lands on Cassiel and knocks away its stamina and it starts to wobble even more but its Metal Bearing Drift Driver plus the OWD generated by the Illegal Disk and 8 Armor was keeping it going*

Chiyoh: And i guess Knight isn't as strong as i thought!

Kit: We'll see about that! Wind Giga Blow!!

*Knight creates its whirlwind and catches Cassiel into the vortex and throws it out of the stadium and ending the battle*

Chiyoh: Tch..!!

Kit: How's that?!

*Chiyoh picked up her bey and looked back towards Kit as her aura began to burn with a raging flame, Kit looked on in surprise as Chiyoh's entire body was shadowed out and the only thing that was glowing was her eyes and her aura followed by a terrifying illusion of Cassiels avatar appearing behind her*

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