Episode 26: Explosion! Belial VS Griffin!!

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*It was the next day and Valt had continued his training from the day before and his Ultimate Valkyrie raced around the stadium at full speed! His opponent this time was Free De La Hoya and his Vanish Fafnir*

Valt: Now go! Valkyrie!!

Free: Fafnir now!!

*Valkyrie clashes with Fafnir with all its might and tried to push it back but the Kick Driver on Fafnir kept it in place and kept it upright*

Free: Bring it on! Give us more!!

Valt: Rush Shoot!!!

*Valkyrie kept its barrage of attacks up as it retained its speed, the Variable' Driver giving it a powerful boost of speed*

Free: Vanish Spin!!

*Fafnir absorbed a bit of Valkyries power and took it for its own and Valkyrie was now starting to lose speed but hits the rim of the stadium and starts to pick up speed again*

Valt: Yes! Go!!!

*Valkyries golden light glowed once again, this time a little bit brighter*

Free: W-What's that?

Valt: Ultimate Flash: V!!!

*Valkyrie races around the stadium and burst straight through Fafnir with an explosive attack and ended the battle right then and there!*

Free: That power.. Valt's getting so much more stronger than before!

*Free noticed Valkyries golden light and he was rather impressed for once, he smiled as he placed his Fafnir back together*

Free: Looks like Valkyrie is getting stronger, that golden light its shining is proof of that.

Valt: Shu said that Valkyrie could shine brighter than any bey that's ever shined before, thinking back i wonder what he meant by that.

Free: I think he meant that Valkyrie has the potential to become the Ultimate Bey in the world, i mean it combines abilities from previous evolutions of Valkyrie, it is something truly special.

Valt: You think so?

Free: I never imagined you would get this strong, Ultimate Valkyrie is not just the Ultimate Attack Type Bey as it's attack power is unrivaled but it has the potential to be the Ultimate Bey in the world.

Valt: I get what you mean and i understand what needs to be done in order for that to happen, Valkyrie and i have been through so much in our lives.. to think that Valkyrie has gotten to this point already.

Free: Evolution is apart of getting stronger. You'd never get stronger in the present day still battling with Victory Valkyrie or God Valkyrie, the process of Evolution is hard but its rewarding in the sense that your bey will thrive among beys that are just like it.

Valt: I guess you're right. Valkyrie has indeed gotten stronger with each evolution.

Free: It's impressive, it's almost as if Valkyrie was destined to be the strongest bey.. in fact, it's like you were destined to be the strongest blader in the world.

Valt: What do you mean?

Free: You were meant for this Valt. You were meant to be here, you were meant to become champion, you were meant to overcome the challenges that you had to overcome. You've been in Fates hands all this time and Fate is what lead you here, it's what lead us all here.

Valt: Are you saying that Ultimate Valkyrie is more than just a bey?

Free: Indeed, it's a symbol of everything that Beyblade is. It's the embodiment of every hope and dream of Bladers around the world, those bladers wouldn't be inspired without you. Aiga, Hikaru, Hyuga and even Bell, they were all inspired by Ultimate Valkyrie's power and that's what drives them to get stronger because they all want to beat you in battle, Bell for sure has his sights set on you.

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