Episode 41: Fight For Victory! The 1st Round Continues!!

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*It was later that day and the next battles for Block A Round 1 were going to start momentarily and the 3rd Match was Aiga Vs Ranzo. Ranzo stood in a training room as he needed to come up with the perfect plan to beat Aiga*

Ranzo: I lost to Aiga at the High Stage tournament but this time.. i won't let myself lose to him again!

*Ranzo kept up his training, this time he was truly determined to beat Aiga and move on to the 2nd Round too but he knew he was going to have to get a lot of training in if he was going to beat Zest Achilles*

Ranzo: Ragnaruk... let's do this..!

*Ranzo also remembered another important detail, if he won the battle against Aiga then he would be going up against either Phenomeno or Kit, both of which were very strong opponents.*

Ranzo: But then i have those one of those two to worry about if i win.. If i do win, i'll either be facing Knight or Phoenix, both of them are super strong opponents! 

*Ranzo looked down at his Cyclone Ragnaruk and smiled, he had working on a new move just for this occasion and it would be the move that would hopefully take down Achilles*


*Aiga continued to train as hard as he could as his Zest Achilles raced around the stadium at full speed, he planned to use Right Spin Full Attack Mode in his battle against Ranzo and his Cyclone Ragnaruk*

Aiga: Achilles, let's do this thing!

*Achilles raced around the stadium at full speed as its crimson aura glowed brightly, Aiga smiled as his red and gold aura began to glow brightly he was confident he was going to make it not just past the 2nd Round but to the Semi Finals too*


*The 3rd Match of Block A Round 1 was now starting and the 2 bladers made it to the arena and stepped up to the stadium*

Ranzo: So we finally battle again..

Aiga: Indeed, it's been some time since we faced off at the High Stage!

*Ranzo held up his Cyclone Ragnaruk and Aiga held up his Zest Achilles, which already had its Zest Sword equipped to the top of the blade and the Quattro' Driver in Attack Mode*

Ranzo: I'm here to tell you that it's not going down like it did back then!

Aiga: Oh really, in that case i'm looking forward to seeing what you can do this time around!


*Bell and the others were watching the battle from the stands and Bell observed Zest Achilles closely*

Rashad: Looks like Aiga is going on the offensive in this battle, i hope Ranzo has a solid enough strategy.

Basara: Even so, in Attack Mode, Achilles has so much power that it probably won't even matter!

Bell: You both are wrong, Ranzo has to have something up his sleeve.


Referee: 1st Battle!!!

*The bladers took their positions and the battle between the 2 bladers began*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Cyclone Ragnaruk made it to the center as Zest Achilles raced around the stadium at full speed and Ragnaruks stamina wings were fully spread*

Ranzo: Yes! Hold down the center Ragnaruk!!

Aiga: Now go for it Achilles!!

*Achilles comes charging in for the attack and clashes with Ragnaruk with full force and tries to push it back*

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