Episode 42: Rising Up! B Block!!

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*It was later that night after all the battles of Block A and Bell stood on the Bow of the Cruise ship and he looked out over the ocean, the moon shining high above the vast sea and he stared down at his Divine Belial with a slight smile*

Bell: Belial.. we're making it so far. We've made it to the 2nd Round and our next opponent is Free, it's amazing to think we've come this far in such a short amount of time..

*Bell still remembered that fateful day, the day he had evolved his former Dangerous Belial into the new and more modern Divine Belial that was derived from the energy of a mysterious Star Fragment, it was then that Bell was changing the course of Beyblade forever with this new power*

Bell: With our new Ultimate Gear evolution, we should be unstoppable!

*Bell continued to stare out over the ocean and he clearly didn't notice Chiyoh standing behind him, watching him*

Chiyoh: Demon King..


*Xhaka was in a training room alone and he watched as his Xiphoid Xcalibur raced around the stadium at full speed, he remembered the first time he had battled Chiyoh and looked back to how she was now, a lot had changed..*

Xhaka: It's interesting to see how much Chiyoh has evolved over the course of just a few weeks, the transition from Perseus to Cassiel is interesting for sure..

*Xhaka also could see how much Chiyoh had changed over a period of time, Xhaka could tell she wasn't the same blader as before*

Xhaka: But even so... Chiyoh has changed a lot since i last battled her, going by the title of Queen Of Light sounds fascinating but, i wonder how much she's actually changed..

*Xhaka continued to train as hard as he could, he was hopeful that he would win but knowing Chiyoh, you just couldn't predict what would happen in a battle with her.*

---The Next Day---

*The Block B 1st Round was that day and there was no delay, the first match would be Chiyoh vs Xhaka. The 2 bladers made it up to the arena that morning and walked up to the stadium*

Xhaka: Chiyoh Rei, it's been a long time since we last battled each other.

*Chiyoh just said nothing and her aura began to glow faintly as her eyes began to glow, Xhaka just stared at her with a bit of concern as he saw the aura of darkness swirl around her*

Xhaka: Not much of a talker huh? I see how it is, you still remember how i defeated you that day, well i'm here to tell you that it's going to happen again!

*Chiyoh took out her launcher and held up her Royal Cassiel.*

Chiyoh: I didn't have to say it but you'll be hard pressed to even land a dent in Cassiel, this isn't going down like it did back then..!


*Bell, Valt and the others were in the crowd and Valt was watching the battle closely, he was worried that whatever happened the battle, wasn't going to go well*

Bell: I wonder what Xhaka has up his sleeve, Cassiel is a really solid Defense Type bey.

Ranzo: He's got to have something planned, battling against Chiyoh without a plan is pretty much asking to lose.

Valt: I'm more worried about what Chiyoh has planned, this is going to be interesting..


Referee: 1st Battle!!!

*The bladers took their positions and the battle between the 2 bladers began at last*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

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