Episode 7: Perfect Gear! Bell VS Rashad!!

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*It was the next day and Bell had completely decimated Ranzo with his new Belial set in its Perfect Gear state. Bell laughed as his opponent fell to his knees*

Bell: How's that? Belial in its Perfect Gear Form is invincible!!

*Ranzo put his Ragnaruk back together as he turned around and saw Rashad walking into the mansion*

Ranzo: R-Rashad!

*Bell smiled at the sight of Rashad entering the Gates Of Hell*

Bell: Rashad, you actually came..

*Rashad just smiled as he held up his Greatest Raphael, it had been repaired after its shocking battle with Chiyoh and Perseus.*

Rashad: I've come to have a go at Divine Belial's strength and from the looks of it, it would appear that you've upgraded it to the Perfect Gear form.

Bell: You are correct, and it's the strongest bey ever!

Rashad: In that case, i'll gladly test that theory right here and now!

*Bell held up his Perfect Divine Belial and it started to glow with an aura of darkness as Rashad held up his Greatest Raphael*

Ranzo: In that case, i'll be the referee for this battle!

*Ranzo stood to the side of the stadium to be referee for the battle*

Ranzo: 1st Battle!!

*Bell and Rashad took their positions and Rashad looked down at the Demon King*

Rashad: There's no way that Bell was able to master Perfect Gear in just a few hours, i'm expecting this to go completely wrong.

Bell: Belial hasn't been completely mastered yet but either way.. that's not going to stop us from winning! The Demon King won't lose so easily!

Ranzo: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Raphael was on the move in its Defense Mode as it was chasing after Belial which was starting to run wild*

Bell: B-Belial..!!

*Belial was slamming into the walls hard but thankfully the rubber F-Gear was saving it from taking any real damage*

Rashad: Looks like the Demon King is having a tough day!

Bell: Silence! I'll crush you right here and now!!

*Belial was able to dodge Raphaels attack and it was now in the center of the stadium*

Rashad: Now Demon King, come at me!

Bell: Adventure Shoot!!

*Belial came charging in and it started to fire off a barrage of attacks on Raphael, the rubber had been retracted thanks to the V-Gear being applied*

Rashad: Thanks to the V-Gear.. Belial no longer has the rubber to help assist in its attacks..

Bell: We're not finished yet! Go Belial!!

*Belial used the heavy weight of the L-Gear and the Attack Mode of S-Gear to deal a nasty attack on Raphael and it was sent flying back*

Rashad: Raphael!!

*Raphael hit the wall and it had lost a good chunk of its spin*

Rashad: Even though Bell still hasn't mastered it, it still hits hard like a truck..!

*Raphaels armors unlocked and they were now moving into formation*

Bell: Here it comes!

Rashad: Go now! Greatest Lord!!

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