Episode 8: Shining Rivalry! Perseus's Persistance!!

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Due to news on Chain Kerbeus being slow as christmas, the debut episode for Kerbeus has been pushed back until the 9th Episode and i didn't want this story to have a long dry period so i came up with something else for this Episode instead. Next Episode *will* be the debut of Kerbeus and that should be out whenever Kerbeus finally gets revealed.


*It had been some time after Bell had defeated Rashad again and Valt had beaten Chiyoh in battle and Bell was completely bored, he had no opponents to face off with and he sat alone in the Gates Of Hell, sulking*

Bell: I haven't had a new and interesting opponent in days, this is getting ridiculous!

*Bell was still very upset that he had lost the ability to use Gears on the new Belial, he was starting to wonder if the Star Fragment inside of Belial was the reason behind it*

Bell: I wonder if it's because of that silly Star Fragment.. that my gears have been reduced to ruin!

*Bell got to his feet and stormed out into the city, looking for opponents to battle whether they were noobs or not*


*Chiyoh stood in a Beylab in the Sparking Arena and she placed her Perseus on the table, the bey sparkling and twinkling with light sparkles*

Chiyoh: Perseus..


*It had been a day or so later and Chiyoh had found Valt standing on the rooftops of the Beigoma Academy School and he was sitting on the bench next to his iconic training spot*

Valt: Chiyoh..?

Chiyoh: Valt? I would like a word with you.

*Chiyoh went over and sat next to her mentor*

Valt: What's up?

Chiyoh: With your permission, i would like to make certain improvements to my Perseus.

Valt: Chiyoh, it's your bey. You can upgrade it however you please.

Chiyoh: But the thing is, i would like to incorporate features from Valkyrie into Perseus, if that's alright with you?

*Valt looked at Chiyoh with wide eyes, her words were just like the words of Rashad back in the days when he wanted to use his own version of Valkyrie*

Valt: Chiyoh..

Chiyoh: I know it's silly but i really want to take Perseus to the next level, but i don't want to do it without your permission. Please Valt, please let me take inspiration from you.

*Valt just smiled and he got to his feet*

Valt: Chiyoh, you're allowed to do whatever you want with Perseus but there's just one thing.

Chiyoh: What is it Valt?

Valt: You have to be careful when battling from here on out, the desire to only win can consume even the strongest of bladers, i don't want to see you go down that path.

*Chiyoh nodded and smiled lightly, understanding*

Chiyoh: I promise Valt, i won't let you down.

*Chiyoh got up and left as Valt watched her leave but a feeling of certain uneasiness fell upon him, he couldn't figure out what it was though.*

---Flashback ends---

*Chiyoh smiled as she sat down at the workbench and started to work, she pulled up the 2 Dynamite Battle Evolutions of Valkyrie and examined them both, looking for inspiration for her new upgrades*

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