Episode 44: 2nd Round! The Demon King Strikes Back!!

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*It was the next day and the 2nd Round was finally here and the 2nd Round Matches were loaded and confirmed in the system! Block A would be going first again and the 1st Match of Block A Round 2 was going to be Bell VS Free!*

Free: So it would appear i'm going up against the Demon King once again..

*Valt was also with Free in the training room they were in*

Valt: Didn't you lose to him last time?

Free: I did but this time around, i've got something up my sleeve that not even the Demon King will be able to weasel his way out of this time.

Valt: You're going to absorb Belial's spin?

Free: You know me too well, Belial has gotten rid of the F-Gear so i'm in the clear to absorb as much spin as i can.

Valt: Sounds like a strategy you would come up with.

*Free smiled and nodded and continued his training as Valt watched, he was curious which between the 2 bladers was going to win*


Ranzo: Well Bell, we're in trouble! You're going up against Free and now with your new Gear upgrades, you can't absorb the spin from a Left rotating bey like you used to!

Bell: So what?

Ranzo: So what?! Bell, that F-Gear was your best hope at beating Free back then and it could've been your best chance to beat him now!

Bell: You seem to be forgetting that i still ended up beating Free without even having to use the F-Gears rubber!

Ranzo: That might be true but you saw how strong Free's gotten! You may not even stand a chance against him now!!

Bell: It's all going to be fine, i've beaten Free before and i'll beat him again!

Ranzo: I really hope you know what you're doing, because if you lose now then it's over, your chances of making it to the finals are shot!

Bell: I already told you i'm not going to lose, The Demon King isn't going to go down that easily!

Ranzo: Whatever you say amigo..


*It was finally time for the battle to begin and the 2 bladers made it to the arena and stepped up to the stadium and Bell shot a smile at Free immediately*

Bell: So we finally face off after all this time..

*Free smiled as Bell continued to taunt him, he was used to Bell's games at this point*

Free: We sure do, you seem to have gotten a lot stronger but let's see how strong you've really gotten..

*Free's golden aura began to glow around him and Bell's aura started to glow too*

Bell: You won't intimidate me that easily, we're going to cast you straight into the darkness where you belong!!

Referee: 1st Battle!!

*The bladers took their positions and the battle began*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Vanish Fafnir had taken the center of the stadium and its speed was incredibly low as Divine Belial raced around the stadium at full speed*

Bell: Go Belial! Show it no mercy!!

*Free smirked as Belial slams into Fafnir and it got even faster thanks to the rubber on the Vanish Blade*

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