Episode 2: The Ultimate Demon King! Divine Belial!!

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*It had been a day or so and Bell had now donned an orange shirt with a red sleeve and his pants were now a reddish purple, the demon face on the front of his shirt was now red instead of pink and the inside of his cape was now blue instead of red, his grandpa Jingemon had picked out the new outfit for him*

Bell: I'm loving the new look gramps, now i'll become the True Demon King!

*Jingemon smiled as he brought in a tray of chocolate chip cookies*

Jingemon: To celebrate your first victory with your new bey, i've made you Chocolate Chip cookies, Demon King Edition!

*Bells eyes sparkled at the sight of the yummy cookies, all of the cookies were in the shape of either the Demon logo on his shirt or Belial itself*

Bell: Gramps you did it again! They all look so tasty!!

*Ranzo burst into the room and he took a cookie off the tray and burst out*

Ranzo: Thanks a bunch Amigo!!

*Ranzo had dashed down the hallway as he was long gone now, he was gone like a flash*

Bell: That Ranzo.. wait until he feels the wrath of the Demon King!

*The alarm to the mansion went off and Jingemon was now on alert*

Jingemon: Looks like you have another challenger.

Bell: In that case, the Gates Of Hell are now open! Let them in!

*The gates to the mansion opened and the challenger that would face Bell for today came through, his attire was fierce and vibrant as he walked into the Theater Of Hell where Bell waited who was shocked upon finding out who his challenger was: It was Phenomeno Payne*

Bell: P-Phenomeno?!?

*Ranzo who had returned to the mansion was also surprised upon seeing Phenomeno there as well*

Ranzo: W-What's going on here Amigo?!

Phenomeno: Hello Bell, did you miss me?

*Bell really couldn't help but grin as he jumped down and headed to the stadium where Phenomeno and Ranzo already stood*

Bell: Maybe a little, the Demon King doesn't care about trivial things such as friends!

Ranzo: Yet you hang with us amigos!

*Bell pouted as he looked at the Brazilian blader*

Bell: Because you, Basara, Valt and Rashad are the only ones who even care enough to come here, most bladers that come here never come back!

*Phenomeno just started to laugh as he flipped his hair off to the side, revealing his other eye*

Phenomeno: That's a shame really.. but it would be nice to have another battle with you after a long little while.

Bell: A battle you say? Alright Spicy Chicken, i accept your challenge!

Phenomeno: Spicy Chicken? Fair enough i suppose.. I'll be sure to think of something to disrespect you with later.

*Phenomeno reached into his pocket as he pulled out his infamous bey: Prominence Phoenix*

Phenomeno: With the power of my crimson flames, Phoenix will burn you away to ashes!

*Bell just laughed as he stared at the pink haired blader*

Bell: Is that so? In that case, i'll shatter your hopes and dreams with this Divine Belial!!

*Phenomeno looked at the new bey in awe as the bey shined with white sparkles*

Phenomeno: A new Belial?

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