Episode 47: Super Special Training! Final Preparations!!

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*It was the following day after the Semi-Finals and Bell and Chiyoh had some time to train and get ready for the coming finals match in a couple of days. Bell stood alone in a training room and Belial pulled him into the Dreamscape*

Bell: Belial!!

Belial: Well looks like we made it, we finally made it to the finals after all this time.

Bell: Yeah!

Belial: But there remains a problem, we have Chiyoh to deal with in the finals before we get to battle Valt! And considering that she just destroyed Griffin and Spriggan out of cold blood, we need to devise a god level strategy if we're going to win against a force like that!

Bell: Belial, that's just the point. The battle with Spriggan didn't really tell me anything!

Belial: Did you not see where Shu pushed in Cassiels shields in the final moments of the 3rd Battle? Try starting there before you go about giving up again!

*The dreamscape disappeared and Bell continued to stare down at Belial, without a second thought, he immediately dashed out of the room and went to find Shu, he needed answers!*


*Chiyoh stood alone in a training room and she stared down at her bey in the stadium as it started to glow, she thought about her upcoming battle and she wasn't pleased that she had to go up against Bell once again*

Chiyoh: I still don't get it.. what makes Bell go on? What gives him the drive to keep moving forward?

*Chiyoh just couldn't wrap her head around it, she didn't understand why Bell was always so excited to battle all the time even when he was knocked down, she then noticed Valt walk into the room*

Chiyoh: Valt?

*Valt stood and looked at Chiyoh for a moment and he looked down towards the stadium where her Royal Cassiel laid*

Valt: So you actually made it to the finals.

Chiyoh: I did, what's it to you?

Valt: What did it cost?

Chiyoh: What are you talking about?

Valt: I'm talking about what you're doing to yourself, this isn't right and you know it. You cannot go around and destroy a bladers bey like that.

Chiyoh: A small price to pay for victory sometimes.

Valt: And there's the problem, you act like this is an okay thing to do but it's not. I don't know what you're trying to prove at this point, you've already beaten me, isn't that enough?

Chiyoh: No, as the Queen Of Light i must become stronger, more powerful!

Valt: And is this all because Bell unintentionally destroyed Perseus? Is it?

Chiyoh: In a way.

Valt: So what is the other reason?

Chiyoh: All my time blading, i've always lived under your shadow and everyone else at BC Sol. I was never satisfied with battling with Perseus, that's why i abandoned it for a bey that was suited for me.

Valt: And you call it the Bey of The Queen Of Light..

Chiyoh: Cassiel is the bey of The Queen Of Light! You don't understand, do you?

Valt: I understand what that means and what it means to you but i will never understand why you chose to do this, why you chose to go down the path your following now.

Chiyoh: What are you saying?

Valt: I'm asking you to stop this nonsense, the real Chiyoh is in there somewhere and you know it. Admit it, you are not yourself anymore and everyone who's known you sees that too.

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