Episode 3: Dragged Into Darkness! The Gates Of Hell Open!!

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*Aiga Akaba stood in the Theater Of Hell as Bell stood on the other side of the normal standard stadium and he started to laugh*

Bell: Aiga Akaba huh? You must be that former World Champion i heard so much about!

*Aiga stared at the Demon King and Aiga remembered some of his most notable battles like the ones where he faced Valt*

Aiga: Bell Daikokuten, so this guy is the so-called Demon King.. He's an interesting one for sure but let's see how strong he really is.

*Aiga changed his Infinite Achilles into Low Balance Mode as he went with the Infinite Shield, Bell was going with Low Mode for the battle*

Bell: The Demon King's Bey won't lose to an inferior Sparking Bey.. Divine Belial is the ultimate bey in the world!

Drone: 1st Battle!!

Aiga: I may not be champion anymore but i'll still defeat you with all i have!

*Bell just grinned wickedly as his aura began to glow, the bey of the Demon King, Belial glowed in his hand too*

Bell: In that case, we'll crush you with the darkness within!

*Bells eyes began to glow as a purple demon figure made of his own aura appeared behind him*

Drone: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Achilles had instantly taken the center as Belial charged around the stadium at full speed*

Aiga: Now bring it!

Bell: Go!!

*Belial came charging in and it clashed with Achilles with all its strength and its metal wings knocked it back with a fierce blow*

Aiga: Achilles!!

*Achilles slammed into the wall and it survived and was still in the game*

Bell: So you actually managed to survive, not bad but things are only just getting started! Go for it Belial!

*Belial charged up the stadium at full speed as the rubber adjusted to the slope of the stadium*

Bell: Adventure Shoot!!

*Belial began to fire off a barrage of attacks on Achilles which had now retaken the center and held it down*

Aiga: Infinite Guard!!

*The 4 shields surrounding Achilles defended against Belials next assault and it was repelled*

Bell: Hunt it down!!

*Belials Nexus Disk started to slice through the wind as it began to pick some more speed, it's low center of gravity aiding it*

Aiga: W-What?!

Bell: Divine Slicer!!

*Belial used its Metal blades and the airflow it created with the Nexus disk as it grinds against Achilles' shield and it was knocked high into the air*

Aiga: Achilles!!!

Aiga: Achilles!!!

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