Episode 50: Showdown! The Perfect Bonds!!

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*The first battle of the Beyblade Ultimate World Series Finals was officially over and the score was now 2-0 with Chiyoh Rei being in the lead, Bell stared back at his opponent, frustrated as ever*

Chiyoh: You might as well just give up, you're wasting your time battling me..

Bell: Like i'd ever! Me and Belial aren't giving up!!

*Chiyoh's eyes began to glow once again as they burned like fire*

Chiyoh: If you're not going to give up then this is going to end already, if you will not give up then you will be destroyed!

Bell: Tch..!!


Ranzo: Bell had it going so well in the 1st Battle, so what happened out there?!

Basara: I don't understand, everything was supposed to be perfect..

Valt: It's because Chiyoh anticipated that kind of attack from Belial, if she wasn't then Bell would've likely taken that battle instead of her..

Ranzo: Really? Is that really what happened out there?

Valt: No doubt about it, Chiyoh saw right through Bell's plan and used her moment to strike almost perfectly..


*Bell picked up the pieces of his bey and put it back together and looked back at Chiyoh who started to smile sinisterly*

Chiyoh: So i take it you're not going to run away?

Bell: The Demon King never runs away! We're here to stay for this battle!!

*Chiyoh sighed and her aura began to glow again*

Chiyoh: Very well then, if you won't run away then Belial will soon meet its fate!

*Belial looked down at his bey and changed the H-Gear into High Mode and looked back at Chiyoh*

Chiyoh: High Mode huh? What is he up to now?

Bell: I hope your ready Chiyoh because i'm coming at you with everything i've got this time, Cassiel is going to burst one way or another!

Chiyoh: Don't be so certain! The only one who's going to burst is you!

Referee: 2nd Battle!!!

*The bladers took their position and the 2nd Battle finally began*

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Royal Cassiel was already heading to the center and Divine Belial was still airborne and it was coming straight for Cassiel*

Bell: Go for it! Belial!! Divine Dive!!

Chiyoh: Knock it out of there!!

*Belial lands directly on top of Cassiel, driver first but it was knocked back but so was Cassiel*

Bell: Yes! It worked!!


Ranzo: No way..!! What just happened!!

Basara: Bell aimed a bit higher upon his launch and gave Belial more airtime, i have to admit, that's impressive!

Valt: Very good Bell! Keep it up..


*Cassiel had taken the center once again and Belial was unleashing a full onslaught of attacks upon it and they were actually doing some damage to Cassiel*

Chiyoh: No way.. where did all this power come from..?

*Belial's driver began to spark as it raced back in for the attack, Cassiels lock was taking a beating and it was already making contact with the rubber stopper*

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