S2 Episode 5: Fusion?! The Mysteries Of The Ultimate Fusion System!!

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*It was further into his little sleepy time and Bell was having probably one of the most intense dreams of his life, he was dreaming of himself battling against Hyperion and Helios once again*

Bell: Now go! Belial!!

*Belial clashes with Hyperion and Helios with all its might but it eventually got knocked back*

Bell: Tch..! Keep on going Belial!!

*Bell looked up and saw 2 suns shining above him and he shielded his eyes and heard the coming special move*

Dream Hikaru/Hyuga: Ultimate Twin Strike!!

*Belial was burst instantly as Hyperion and Helios took on the form of bursts of red and blue and Bell fell into a dark void and screamed as he fell. Bell eventually woke up and he gasped as he looked around, he looked at his bey on the table and smiled*

Bell: I'm going to battle those two again! Let's do this!!

*Bell darts out of the Gates Of Hell and he dashed into the city to find Hyuga and Hikaru after grabbing his bey and launcher off of the table*


*Valt and Shu eventually met up again at the wbba HQ, hoping there were more leads on what was going on with the Snake Pit and to their surprise, Wakiya was there so they knew something was up!*

Valt: Wakiya? What's going on this time?

Kristina: She's already struck Valt, Tara has already made her move..

Valt: What?

Wakiya: Reports coming from Mexico say a mysterious blader emerged from the forest and headlines coming from their news stations say that Tara attacked a group of bladers.

Shu: Interesting.. Is she trying to scare us?

Kristina: Heres the thing though, upon further research, the bladers that Tara defeated weren't just random bladers, it was just a group of bladers apart of a thug gang.

Valt: Why would she attack a gang though, unless they made the first move..

Wakiya: That's the thing, Tara wasn't actually the one who attacked them. The group made the first move but.. Tara took things way too far.

Shu: What happened?

Kristina: The five bladers that Tara faced off against are now hospitalized, reports say that a massive explosion came from the edge of town and the bladers lifeless bodies just laid there and Tara was nowhere to be seen, she had already fled the scene before people could investigate.

*Shu began to think for a moment, what did Tara or the Snake Pit have to gain by crushing a marginalized part of what seemed like a BeyGang! Nothing about it made any sense.*

Valt: Where is Tara now?

Kristina: Don't know, the wbba can find out about reports going on in the Beyblade World but we can't track just one person.

Shu: What about this spy from the Snake Pit? Do we know anything else from him?

Wakiya: Nothing else yet, all we know from them is that Tara is on her way here and she's coming for Bell.

Shu: Does Bell know?

Valt: I don't think he does, he and everyone else knows about the Snake Pit but Bell doesn't know that he has a new blader coming after him, someone has to tell him.

*Valt and Shu turned and left the wbba HQ and went to find Bell*


*Bell had returned to the Bombers and there they were, Hikaru and Hyuga Asahi were there at the same place they were the day before*

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