Episode 30: Greatest Challenge! Perfect Gear Training!!

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*It was some time after the events of the High Stage that Bell knew he needed to get stronger if he was to become the Ultimate Demon King and by getting to that point, he needed to practice more and more to get to that point*

Bell: Belial, our battle against Cassiel didn't go according to plan so now we got to get even stronger than ever before.

*It was then Jingemon opened the door to Bells bedroom and had an exciting announcement*

Jingemon: Just got an exciting message from the wbba, it's been announced that you and Chiyoh will have another battle in 1 week, now that Royal Cassiel has been entered into the system as Chiyoh's new bey. Wakiya wanted you and Chiyoh to have 1 more rematch!

Bell: Well that definitely adds stress to my back! I literally just had a battle with her and Cassiel a few days ago and i got my tail kicked.

Jingemon: Well with the challenger that's here now, i'm sure you'll even stronger in no time.

*Bell got out of bed and went to the Theater Of Hell and sure enough, Shu Kurenai was standing at the stadium*

Bell: Shu?!

*Shu looked up and saw Bell on the balcony that towered above the stadium below*

Shu: Long time no see Bell, now get down here.

*Bell jumped down from the balcony and landed in front of Shu*

Bell: So tell me Shu, what brings you here today?

Shu: Well actually, you.

Bell: Wait what?

Shu: Valt was beaten by Chiyoh yesterday and obviously, you got beat by Chiyoh as well. I've come here to help you train in order to get stronger, Chiyoh is going to get even stronger now that she has a new bey in hand.

Bell: Well, what do you have in mind?

Shu: We have to analyze the strengths of Cassiel before we can focus on the weaknesses.

Bell: And what would the strengths be?

Shu: Cassiel has a ton of stamina and that is thanks to its Driver which can free spin on a bearing. It's other ability to have shields extend from a strong enough launch gives it the ability to withstand pretty much any attack that can be thrown at it.

*Bell thought about all of this for a moment, Shu was right about all of those things. Cassiel had so much Stamina for a Defense Type and its ability to shield itself from any attack was a degree of pure strength, strength nobody had ever seen before.

Bell: So what's your plan to beat it?

Shu: Cassiel's Shields have to have some kind of weakness, or at least a way to undo its defenses because it's at its most vulnerable when its shields are kept in.

Bell: So you want me to undo its shields in order to burst it?

Shu: That's what we know so far, i'll see you soon Bell, at the Beyblade Ultimate World Series..

*Shu turned and walked off, leaving Bell all alone in the Gates Of Hell*


*Ranzo Kiyama was walking alone through the streets of Japan and eventually found an abandoned section of town where he find Chiyoh Rei standing alone at a stadium that was somehow still intact*

Ranzo: Chiyoh!

*Chiyoh turned her back and saw Ranzo standing behind her and Ranzo had held up his Cyclone Ragnaruk*

Chiyoh: So you've come here to challenge me?

Ranzo: Indeed i have, i heard about your new bey and i decided why not take a crack at battling it myself.

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