Episode 29: Queen Of Light! Royal Cassiel!!

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*Valt stared at Chiyoh with a look of surprise as she continued hold her bey up in front of her, the round bey was glow with an aura of purple and blue energy*

Valt: Royal Cassiel huh?

Chiyoh: The Bey of The Queen Of Light, it will not be defeated by attack alone. It's going to take so much more to defeat me now, and raw power isn't going to cut it.

*Valt stared at Chiyoh who started to smile, Valt could see how much she was changing and he didn't like where she was heading! Bell made it to the arena too as he had heard about Chiyoh's new bey and he looked down and saw Valt down there, standing in front of the stadium! Without hesitation, he went the other way and made it to the Stadium as soon as he could*

Bell: Chiyoh!!!

*Chiyoh looked over and saw Bell running to the stadium and her eyes began to glow with burst of purple flames*

Chiyoh: Demon King..

*Bell stood in front of the stadium in front of Valt and held up his Divine Belial*

Bell: I will be your first opponent, if you want to get to Valt then you're gonna have to get through me.

*Chiyoh just stared at Bell and realized he was right*

Chiyoh: Very well, this will be the last and final time you ever stepped in my way again.

*Bell looked Valt and Valt nodded*

Bell: It doesn't matter what kind of bey you have, i will still win as always.

*Chiyoh pulled out her new launcher which was a Purple and Black Full Custom BeyLauncher LR. She stared down at the Demon King and her eyes began to glow, Valt stepped over to the side to be referee*


Rashad: So this is really happening again, Bell and Chiyoh going up against each other once again!

Shu: This won't be a repeat of yesterday, that's for sure.*


Valt: Alright, 1st Battle!!

*Chiyoh looked at Bell who was rather confident that he was going to win*

Chiyoh: It won't matter what you throw at me, the Queen Of Light will prevail in this battle.

Bell: Queen Of Light huh? Sounds interesting enough, in that case, let's see what you got!

Valt: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Chiyoh's new Royal Cassiel had instantly taken the center immediately and its shields didn't deploy but it was spinning incredibly fast*

Chiyoh: Now come! Show me that attack from yesterday!!

*Belial came charging in and it was instantly knocked back by one of Cassiel's spikes but it wasn't giving up that easily*

Bell: That was intense, looks like Cassiel has some attack power of its own for a Defense Type.

*Belial began to speed up as it raced around the stadium at full speed and Royal Cassiel was waiting in the center of the stadium*

Chiyoh: What's wrong? Is that all you got?!

Bell: Tch..! Go Belial! Strike back with Adventure Shoot!!

*Belial comes racing in and began to fire off a barrage of powerful and rapid blows on Cassiel and it was taking some damage but Chiyoh wasn't worried!*


Shu: Cassiel is taking some major damage but Chiyoh doesn't seem to be bothered, what is she up to?

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