Episode 18: The Demon Kings Ultimate Strike!!

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*It was officially the next day and The High Stage Event was now underway, Hanami, the announcer stood in front of the Stadium as he had a big announcement! Cheers from the crowd boomed throughout the Grand Arena*

Hanami: Ok all you boys and girls, the day of the High Stage as finally come! Behind me are all of the bladers that have made it past the Qualifier rounds and will enter the Beyblade Ultimate World Series in a matter of a few weeks!

*The lights shined on the 16 bladers that would be entering the Tournament: Bell Daikokuten, Ranzo Kiyama, Basara Suiryu, Rashad Goodman, Ilya Mao, Chiyoh Rei, Shu Kurenai, Free De La Hoya, Lui Shirasagijo, Phenomeno Payne, Xhakuenji Kaiza, Drum Koryu, Kensuke Midorikawa, Aiga Akaba, Kit Lopez and newcomer Gigi Ishikawa! The crowd went nuts as the bladers were all displayed behind him*

Hanami: And now, to introduce our Guest Of Honor, it is the Former World Champion himself: Aiga Akaba!!

*Aiga Akaba stepped forward and Bell was absolutely shocked, he still remembered the day where he destroyed his Achilles at the Gates Of Hell, not long after he had obtained Divine Belial*

Bell: What?! Aiga?!!

*Aiga had moved to the high ground and had his own little viewpoint over the entire Arena, he noticed Bell and smiled*

Bell: Aiga..!!!

Hanami: After a crushing defeat to the Demon King, Aiga has come back even stronger with his new BU Bey: Zest Achilles!!

*Zest Achilles appeared on the overhead screen and Bell and Chiyoh immediately took notice of its jagged design*

Chiyoh: So that's Zest Achilles...


Aiga: Demon King, i hope you're ready! I'll be getting payback for the last time!

*Bell grinned as he stared up at Aiga, all the other bladers had departed the stadium and he and Chiyoh were left*

Bell: Aiga! Just like before, i'll show you absolutely no mercy!!

Aiga: If you want to get to me, then get through your opponent first!

*Bell looked back at Chiyoh who stared back at him, her yellow eyes flickered with a dark energy. Bell took a step back a bit nervous as her aura glowed*

Chiyoh: I'll be the one who faces Aiga and you won't stand in my way!


*Bell and Chiyoh get set up at the Stadium and the referee appeared on the scene, loud cheers could be heard from the crowd as Chiyoh stared her opponent down*

Chiyoh: The last time i faced Bell, i lost.. it won't end the same way again. This time, i'll win and make it to Aiga!!

Bell: Chiyoh has changed completely since the last time i met her, her battle style has also changed a bit too.. Let's see what she's all about this time.

Referee: The Opening Match will be first to 2 points!


*Valt stood with Free and Shu in one of the training rooms as the battle was being broadcast on the TV's*

Valt: Chiyoh..

Shu: Chiyoh's opponent is an attack type just like her Perseus, Belial has a lot of attack power with its new D-Gear behind it.

Free: I have a feeling this battle will surprise us, we're gonna see the might of what Chiyoh can really do.


*Rashad was in another room alone and was watching the battle as well, he took no side but was curious to see how Bell would fight against Chiyoh*

Rashad: Alright Bell, how will you fight?

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