Episode 49: Grand Finale! Bell VS Chiyoh!!

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*It was finally the next day and the final battle between the Demon King: Bell Daikokuten and the Queen Of Light: Chiyoh Rei was officially here! The battle between the 2 bladers would be later in the afternoon to give the bladers some much needed extra practice, Bell stood in a training room with Valt as he was a bit nervous now*

Bell: So this is actually happening, i actually made it to the finals..

Valt: Yep, after a ton of tough battles, you finally made it here!

Bell: Yeah.. and i'm going to battle Chiyoh of all bladers next..

*Valt smiled as he looked at Bell, he knew Bell was nervous about battling Chiyoh, especially after what had happened last time*

Valt: I know you beat her, just go out there and give it your all, no matter what, i know you can figure out a way to beat her.

*Bell looked behind Valt and saw Jingemon Daikokuten and Hannah Suiryu standing behind him, Valt had them flown out to support Bell in his battle. Ranzo and Basara were there too!*

Bell: Gramps! Hanna!!

Jingemon: I heard my grandson made it to the Finals and Valt here had me and Hanna fly out to come and see your battle in person.

Hanna: Congratulations on making it here Bell! We're all going to be rooting for you!!

Bell: The Demon King doesn't need it! Of course i'm gonna win this battle!!

*Hanna deadpanned along with Ranzo and Basara*

Hanna: Why did i even bother trying..?

Basara: Even though the match hasn't even started yet, Bell's already got victory on the mind so early!

Ranzo: How about saving that energy for when the match actually starts!

Valt: Ha! That is Bell for you!

*The group continued to talk and talk and talk and talk as the clock continued to tick towards the final battle, one things for sure, the coming battle was going to be one for the history books*


*Chiyoh Rei stood in a separate training room as well and she was by herself, she stared into the stadium as she watched her Royal Cassiel spin in the center of the stadium, its purple aura glowing brightly*

Chiyoh: Everything has come down to this Cassiel, i'm not going to stop now. When this battle is over, the reign of the Queen Of Light will officially begin!

*Cassiels aura began to surge as Chiyoh's aura began to glow as well, a sinister smile grew across her face. She didn't believe in anything as trivial as bonds or anything of the sort, she cared only about power, she didn't care about anyone. The only thing that mattered to her was power and victory!*

Chiyoh: There will be no mercy, there will be no remorse.. As the Queen Of Light, Belial will truly be destroyed into nothing! And once that's done, i'll do the same to Valt Aoi and nothing will ever stand in my way to power ever again!

*Chiyoh's eyes began to glow brightly as the darkness filled her eyes, she wasn't messing around this time. She had every intention to shatter Belial with every cell of her being*


*Bell had just got done beating Ranzo and Basara for what seemed like the hundredth time but Bell still hadn't had enough yet, he needed all the practice he could get before his big match*

Bell: Come on you guys! We've still got so much work to do!!

*Ranzo and Basara were completely exhausted but Bell still had plenty of energy to go, in fact he was more energized than ever before*

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