S2 Episode 3: Rematch! Belial VS Valkyrie!!

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*It was the next day and Bell was alone in the Gates Of Hell and he was training as hard as he could, he remembered the meeting from the day before and he had to get stronger than ever before if he was going to face off against the Snake Pit*

Bell: Whoever these guys are, they're going down one way or another!

*Bell continued to train as hard as he could as Valt and Shu watched him from the doorway and Valt seemed a bit worried about him*

Valt: I'm kinda worried about him, do you think we sprung the news on them too early?

Shu: It wouldn't be much different if we told them later, besides, the Snake Pit is probably already planning their next move.

Valt: Even so, it's hard to believe this is really happening.

Shu: I'm not happy about it either, i still have small PTSD from everything that happened during that time, i just hope any of these guys would fall for their schemes. The thing with me is that i was foolish to think i could surpass Lui and everyone else by getting stronger that way.

Valt: I'm positive they won't. Bell has already proved that he is on our side despite his little Demon King act, he can do it if it ever comes down to it.

*Shu just smiled and watched as Bell just continued to train as hard as he could*

Shu: I suppose you're right, Bell is a strong blader after all. He's overcome so much in the short time that we've known him.

Valt: Yeah..

*Valt and Shu walked into the mansion and Valt stepped up to the stadium*

Bell: Valt.. Shu, what are you guys doing here?

Valt: Well among other things, i've come to battle!

*Valt held up his Ultimate Valkyrie as it started to glow, Bells eyes sparkled as he noticed the color difference in Valkyrie*

Bell: Wow.. it.. looks so much different now!

Valt: Yeah, decided to add some more touches to it and not only that, but we've gotten much stronger since we've last battled

Bell: I guess we'll see about that now won't we?

*Shu looked at the 2 bladers and smiled a bit*

Shu: The last time these two battled it was in the Beyblade Ultimate World Series, i wonder how much stronger Bell has gotten since then.. Valt has gotten a lot stronger for one thing..

Bell: I'll accept your little challenge but i warn you, i'm going to show no mercy to you or Valkyrie at all!

Valt: I'm counting on it! Bring it on!!

*The Demon King Drone came flying in as it started to broadcast the battle*

---Meanwhile, At The Snake Pit---

*Ashram and the rest of the Snake Pit were getting the Broadcast as well and Ashram was interested, Tara was also with them as well.*

Ashram: A battle huh?

Silver Eye: The signal is coming all the way from Japan! Should i cut it off?!

Ashram: No, perhaps we should see how this plays out, Valt Aoi is battling and Shu Kurenai is with them but that new Blader.. i'm curious.

*Silver Eye began to pull data on the Demon King Bell Daikokuten and showed the data to Ashram*

Silver: That blader is Bell Daikokuten and he calls himself the Demon King..

Ashram: So childish..

Silver Eye: His Bey is an attack type bey called Divine Belial, according to the data, Bell has defeated Valt a few times before. According to his win rate in previous official battles, he seems to be a pretty strong blader!

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