S2 Episode 4: Twins Stars! The Beys Of The Sun: Hyperion and Helios!!

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*It was some time after Bell had lost to both Valt and Shu, Bell now knew he needed a plan, a plan that was going to rock the Beyblade World as he knew it but first, he had to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of both Valkyrie and Spriggan!

Bell: Ultimate Valkyrie and Burst Spriggan.. what is something that both of these beys have in common?

*Bell thought long and hard about it and then it finally hit him*

Bell: Well, both of them have rubber blades but... Valkyrie uses its rubber for attack and Spriggan seemingly uses it for absorbing impacts.. this is getting me nowhere!

*Bell really could not think of anything else that he could do to beat Spriggan, he had nothing to work with at this point*

Bell: Come on Bell... Think!

*Ranzo and Basara were watching Bell from the entrance to the mansion and Ranzo was a bit concerned*

Ranzo: Is he okay?

Basara: He seems pretty shaken up after losing to Shu and Valt, i'd say we leave him be for a little while, this is just classic Bell doing his usual thing.

*Ranzo looked down for a bit and then back at Bell, he knew Basara was right but then again, something else was bothering him*

Ranzo: I wonder if he's still shaken up about the Snake Pit?

Basara: I think most of us still are, learning about the horrors of that place was something i don't think any of us really expected.

Ranzo: Are you sure you're buying any of that Snake Pit nonsense? What if Valt and the others are lying?

Basara: I've been doing some reading on what this place is really about and it's real, and everything Valt, Shu and Wakiya have said about it are real as well. Besides, what reason would they have to lie about something like that?

*Ranzo looked back towards Bell who was still struggling with his thoughts and his emotions*

Ranzo: I guess..

Basara: We should leave him be for now, let's go.

*Basara and Ranzo turned and started to leave the mansion*


*Valt and Shu were back at the wbba headquarters as Kristina had more unfortunate news for them once again, regarding the Snake Pit of course*

Valt: What is it this time?

Kristina: I'm afraid our worst fears have been confirmed, Ashram has just sent out his blader for Project Zero. The new blader has been identified as Tara Vancouver, she's from America.. and even worse, she's coming here.

Shu: I wonder if that's why Ashram went after her, the fact that she's from America..

Kristina: Shu, does that name sound familiar to you? You have experience being in America, do you know anything about her?

*Shu sighed and looked back at Kristina and then looked at the profile for Tara on the screen behind her*

Shu: Unfortunately i don't, i've never even seen any blader that even looks like her near or even at the New York Bulls.

Valt: Is there anything on her bey? If Ashram has already released her, there's got to be something on it.

Kristina: We only know what the bey is called, her bey is a Balance Type called Zero Theseus.

*Taras creation, Zero Theseus appeared on the screen and the 2 bladers were in awe at the amazing creation*

Valt: Wow.. i gotta say, that looks incredible!

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