Chapter 2: Fall Guys Logic

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Veteran, Red Player, and Y/n spawn in the game on some sort of pillars.

Veteran: I don't know about this.

Red Player: Oh come on. She's cool, I promise.

Y/n: Does she at least have any other video game experience?

Red Player: She told me she has a little.

Veteran: You both know, I don't like noobs.

Red Player: Well if you remember, me and Y/n we're noobs not too long ago. And look at us now. I have 4 crowns to my name. And Y/n has a six to his name

Y/n: Yeah and don't forget you disrespected me when I was a noob and now you show me the highest levels of respect.

Veteran: Okay, first off, Red Player you have three crowns and Y/n has Five Crowns. The Crowns you two get in the seasons pass doesn't count. Secondly, you're different Y/n, the game just comes naturally to you. But can you say the same about this noob?

Y/n: I guess you have a point.

Red Player: Dang it.

A Cyan Player then spawns in.

Cyan Player: Hey guys!

Red Player: Hey.

Y/n: I take it you're the girl that my friend told me about. It's nice to finally meet you.

Cyan Player: Thank you. And my man has told me a lot about you too. So, it's nice to finally meet you too.

Red Player: It's great to see that my best friend and my girlfriend are getting along so well.

Cyan Player: Wow so this is Fall Guy ultimate knockout. Cool! I sure hope I do well. Maybe I can win my very first match.

Veteran: Ugh. You won't. And it's called Fall Guys.

Red Player: Don't worry babe, I said it wrong the first time too.

Y/n: Yeah. And don't listen to Veteran. If you believe you can win, then you can win.

Veteran: Hey no lovey-dovey crap. And he does not need a wingman Y/n. This Is war people. In here you aren't boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend. You three are just soldiers in my army.

All three of them salute.

The three of them: Sir, yes sir!

Veteran: Now what's your name private?

Cyan Player: My name's...

Veteran: Wrong. It's Noob. Everyone gets called a noob until they win their first match. Now ready up.

Y/n: Are you really gonna be okay with us calling you Noob?

Noob: Sure. I don't mind.

Noob starts putting purple spot patterns on her character.

Veteran: What's the hold up?

Noob: I have to make my character look cute.

Veteran growled in anger.

Y/n: Then why not put on a cute animal skin, like a penguin or something?

Noob: Hm. That's actually some really good advice. I'll try that next time.

She makes up a spot pattern of what looks like a splotch of purple on the top of her head. Then the 4 of them spawn into the game.

Veteran: All right squad, it looks like it's doordash.

Y/n: I haven't played this one yet.

Veteran: Just follow my lead. I got a foolproof system.

Red Player/Y/n/Noob: You got it boss.

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